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A To Z Chimney Services – Chimney & Fireplace Services You Can Trust

man working on chimneyHere at A to Z Chimney Services, we have years of experience working on the chimneys and fireplaces of our neighbors in the greater Sacramento area. In that time, we have cleaned and serviced just about every type of chimney, fireplace, and stove, and dealt with just about every type of masonry repair imaginable. Whether you need a chimney installed or you simply need a reliable and thorough chimney inspection, the technicians at A to Z Chimney Services can help.

Our Chimney & Fireplace Services Include:

  • Clean & Sweep Chimneys – A quality chimney and appliance cleaning takes proper tools and know-how — at A to Z Chimney Services, we’ve got both. Our technicians are trained and experienced with both masonry and prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys, and can provide expert sweeping services, regardless of fuel type. If you want trustworthy service and top-level customer care, look no further than A to Z Chimney Services.
  • Chimney Safety Inspections – There are a variety of reasons why you may need a chimney inspection, but one of the primary reasons is peace of mind. Whether you’re continuing to use your chimney and appliance exactly as you always have or you’ve made a change or experienced damage, a thorough chimney inspection conducted by a CSIA-certified technician can let you know whether or not your system is prepared to work as safely and efficiently as it should. It is also necessary to have an inspection conducted before a property changes hands. To protect your family and your investment, have your system professionally inspected once a year, and any time you make or notice changes in your system.
  • Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds – In order to function properly, a chimney system and all of its parts must be properly installed and in good condition. This includes everything from the firebox to the chimney cap and damper. If you can’t remember the last time you had your system evaluated, or if you’re experiencing any problems with your system, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible! Putting off repairs can cause your system to be incredibly inefficient and dangerous. Need a full rebuild? We’ve got you covered there, too!
  • Chimney Leaks – A leaky chimney isn’t just an inconvenience – it’s a serious structural hazard. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t aware of the problem until extensive structural damage is done. That’s why annual inspections are so important! If your chimney is leaking – let the pros at A to Z Chimney Services locate and stop it. We can also help you make sure that another leak doesn’t spring up in the future.
  • Chimney Relining – If your chimney is like many older chimneys and lacks a liner, or if your liner is damaged or deteriorating, don’t wait – call now! Without a properly installed and maintained liner, your family is at risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, and your system will be incredibly inefficient.
  • Gas Hearth, Fireplace & Appliance Services – It’s true that gas appliances don’t typically require as much maintenance as wood appliances, but you’ll still need to schedule regular inspections and services. Whatever your gas hearth, fireplace or appliance needs, we can help!
  • Fireplace & Chimney Installation – Looking to add a fireplace or chimney to your home? Whether you are looking to add a prefabricated or masonry fireplace/chimney to your home or patio, the experts here at A to Z Chimney know their stuff.
  • Chimney Troubleshooting – There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a chimney system, from smoke problems to animal intruders and liner cracks. Because there are so many components within the chimney system, identifying the culprit can be quite a challenge. But here at A to Z Chimney Services, we’ve been troubleshooting chimneys for years, and we’re confident we can locate the source of your problem and get things back to normal.

chimney technician installing chimney crown - sacramento ca - a to z

AtoZ can remove the chimney’s crown and install the required last bit of required terra cotta flue tile on top of the chimney.

We’ll Take Care Of You!

Whatever your chimney, fireplace or appliance needs, trust the pros at A to Z Chimney Services! We have the experience and the dedication to quality service that you’ve been looking for! Schedule your appointment online!


When it comes to home maintenance and safety, don’t overlook having your dryer vents cleaned. Call on the experts at A to Z Chimney Services  for dependable service.

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Dear A to Z Chimney

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great service you have done for me. I am an avid wood burner and love to burn my fires just about every evening. There’s nothing like the simple pleasure of curling up next to a warm and cozy fire during those cold winter nights.

Unfortunately, I had a chimney fire which did extensive damage to my chimney and it had to be re-lined with a new Stainless Steel Liner.

Last year, I hired a different company to come out and sweep my chimney. The sweep from that company tried to use high pressure sales tactics to get me to do the repairs. His poor attitude and high pressure turned me off so badly that I decided not to have them do the work.

This year, I hired your company and Chris Donovan was such a gentleman! He gave me the same bad news, but this time I could see it with my own eyes on the screen as he video scanned my flue. He was also much more knowledgeable and informative and really took the time to help me understand. He did not talk condescendingly, and there was no pressure whatsoever.

Consequently, I did hire your company to come back and complete the needed repairs, and was absolutely delighted!! Not only did Chris come back, but Aaron, the owner came, as well. I was delighted to know that the owner was personally seeing to the work. In the process of repairing my chimney, some other minor problems were detected, and they fixed them at no additional charge!

In addition, when everything was done, they did a spectacular job cleaning up every bit of their mess, and I couldn’t even tell they had been here.

Thanks again for the great service you provide! I will use you again and again, and refer you to my friends.


~ Beverly Bland, Carmichael, CA
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