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Sacramento’s Choice For Chimney Repair & Rebuild Services

Whether your chimney is old or new, masonry or prefabricated, proper maintenance is key to keeping everything looking and working the way ChimneyRebuilding-SacramentoCA-AtoZchimneythat it should. This includes scheduling regular sweepings, inspections, and sometimes, repairs.

When repairs are needed, it can be difficult to determine which chimney care company will provide beautiful, functional, long-lasting results without breaking the bank. But if you live in the greater Sacramento area, A to Z Chimney Services is here to help.

Our CSIA-certified sweeps have over 15 years of chimney repair and rebuild experience, and can perform any and every type of chimney repair with absolute expertise. From simple fixes, such as installing a chimney cap or a top-sealing damper, to more skilled repairs, like tuckpointing work, brick repair or even a full rebuild, our technicians have the skills, tools, and knowledge to get the job done.

Masonry Chimney Repairs

Although masonry is incredibly durable, your chimney is consistently exposed to the elements (wind, precipitation, extreme temperatures), which can really take a toll on your chimney’s brick and mortar. In addition to the beating that your chimney takes on the outside, it is also exposed to corrosive byproducts each and every time you enjoy a fire.

Chimney-rebuild-job-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneyOver time, all of these things can lead to cracks, deterioration, rust, corrosion, and water problems, especially if the chimney has not been properly maintained, outfitted with the proper accessories (like a cap and crown), or regularly swept.

Whether you have a smoking chimney, a smelly fireplace, poor draft, water-damage, chimney fire damage, crumbling or missing brick or mortar, cracked flue tiles, or an outdated or deteriorating fireplace, you can count on our experts.

To restore your masonry chimney to optimal function and protect it from future issues, the technicians at A to Z Chimney Services can:

Prefabricated Chimney Repairs

Like masonry chimneys, prefabricated chimneys have their own set of vulnerabilities and issues. Unlike masonry chimneys, prefabricated BrickExtensions-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneychimneys are constructed primarily of metal, and must be properly cared for to prevent corrosion and rust.

The technicians here at A to Z Chimney Services have experience with a variety of brands and types of prefabricated chimney systems. Whatever the issue or manufacturer, you can count on our team to provide expert repairs perfectly to spec.

Wood, Gas & Pellet Stove, Fireplace & Insert Repairs

WarpedGasLogLighter-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneyOur sweeps have extensive experience with stoves and inserts and can help you keep yours working properly for as long as possible. We can:

  • Replace chimney pipe & stove pipe
  • Resolve issues with previous installations
  • Replace firebricks and door gaskets
  • Help address clearance-to-combustible violations
  • And handle any other repairs or needs

If you live in the Sacramento area and your chimney is leaking after some rain, don’t hesitate on calling us for our chimney and fireplace services. Our certified technicians are standing by.

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Very Friendly and personable. We were selling our home and he just took care of the fireplace issues so we had less stress. Also did a great job on the dryer vent as well. Thanks!!
~ Kathy Mooney, Roseville CA
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