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Repairing and Restoring Your Masonry Chimney

If your home has a masonry chimney, congratulations! No kidding—a masonry chimney adds value and character to your home. Fewer and fewer modern homes are built with masonry chimneys because they are so expensive to build; instead, most builders affix prefabricated chimneys to houses and call it a day. Despite the expense, a properly-built masonry chimney can last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.  Our chimney and fireplace masonry restoration services include:

MasonryChimneyComponentsOutsideView-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneyA common misconception is that masonry chimneys are maintenance-free, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In spite of brick’s reputation for being incredibly hardy, it does require regular care and maintenance in order to keep it working efficiently, safely, and for the long term. Following an inspection by one of A to Z Chimney Services’ CSIA-certified chimney technicians, many homeowners are surprised to discover that their chimney is in need of repairs.

All chimneys—whether mason-built or factory-built—incorporate numerous parts that work in conjunction with the size of your home, air flow to the unit, and precise clearance to combustibles. If not properly maintained or installed, the unit will not function properly and your home will be at risk for a potential fire. Whether you suspect a problem with your chimney or just can’t remember the last time you had it inspected or swept, the only way to be sure of its condition and how safe it is is to hire a professional chimney service company like A to Z Chimney Services to make a proper diagnosis.

If we do determine that your masonry chimney needs to be repaired or restored, there may be some easy fixes that can be done quickly and inexpensively, or we may discover a bigger issue that requires more significant action. Either way, we can help you, and you can count on us to give you a clear picture—literally—of your chimney’s condition. We will use our ChimScan closed circuit camera to show you exactly what’s going on inside your chimney’s flue.

Common Masonry Chimney Problems

Among other problems, A to Z Chimney Services commonly diagnoses and repairs the following issues with masonry chimneys in and around Sacramento:

  • Efflorescence. This manifests as powdery white stains on the outside of your chimney, indicating water damage.
  • Brick spalling or crumbling. Spalling is when brick chips or flakes off; sometimes the entire brick face will pop off. This is usually caused by the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Missing mortar. Both brick and mortar are porous, but mortar especially is vulnerable to water. A professional waterproofing can seal out moisture while still allowing your chimney to “breathe.”
  • Shifting or leaning chimneys. Not only is a leaning chimney probably not a very efficient or safe one, but it also poses a risk to people and things in and around your property.
  • Debris or blockages inside chimney. Debris and blockages inside of your chimney can restrict air flow, decrease efficiency and easily ignite a chimney fire.
  • Clearances to combustibles. If your chimney and fireplace were not built or installed with proper clearance from combustibles, nearby insulation, drywall and wood can easily ignite and spark a house fire.
  • Chimney degradation due to weather. Mother Nature is notorious for beating up masonry, especially mortar. Depending on the condition of your mortar, your chimney may either need to be rebuilt or repointed.

A to Z Chimney Services also relines masonry chimneys, waterproofs them and repairs broken crowns.

If your masonry chimney needs repairs of any kind, A to Z Chimney Services’ wealth of experience is at your disposal. Please remember that the best safeguard against damage to your masonry is an annual inspection by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep.

To set up an appointment with one of our experts, email or fill out our online appointment form.


What kind of chimney repair or rebuilding service do you need? We’ve got you covered for all kinds of requirements for your chimney and fireplace maintenance. We hope to hear from you soon.

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I just wanted to thank you for coming to our rescue the other day. I just purchased a new home and a new washer and dryer to go with it. Understandibly, I was a very confused when my dryer suddenly began taking two or three cycles in order to dry my clothes! To my surprise, the appliance repairman who came out told me that my dryer was just fine, but that my dryer vent needed to be cleaned out! I had never heard of such a thing! Mercifully, he referred me to you guys and everything went better from there.

Your technician discovered that a bird had decided to make its nest in my vent! A lot of effort and tons of nesting material later, my vent was finally unclogged!

Thanks again for your valiant efforts! The guy that came to my house was fantastic and took everything in stride, and didn’t charge me any extra despite the fact that my vent took longer than normal to clean! I’ll be sure to tell everyone where they can get great service having the dryer vent cleaned!

~ Denise Gordon, Roseville, CA
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