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Chimney Crown And Shoulder Resurfacing

Shoulder & Crown Diagram-Sacramento CA-AtoZChimney

Shoulder & Crown Diagram

On most masonry chimneys, there is a “crown” on the very top and a pair of “shoulders” where the chimney flares out. Like your home’s roof, these horizontal surfaces are designed to keep harmful rainwater from penetrating your chimney’s brickwork. Because these horizontal surfaces are fully exposed to all the elements (sun, rain, heat, cold, etc.), they generally begin to crack and develop leaks in short order.

You’ll want to prevent your chimney’s crown and shoulders from leaking at all costs, as water leaks in masonry chimneys cause more damage as a whole than any other element, including chimney fires. These leaks not only compromise the safety, efficiency, and structural integrity of your chimney, but can cause water damage to the ceilings, walls, and floors around your chimney.

If your chimney’s crown and/or shoulders are cracked and weathered, your chimney—and everything it is connected to—is suffering more than you know. Every time it rains, water likely seeps down into the top 3-5 layers of brick, which causes the mortar to prematurely become soft, thus allowing the bricks to become loose. If you put off repairs to your chimney’s crown and shoulders, your chimney’s brickwork will eventually loosen, and you’ll need to have the top several layers of your chimney rebuilt. Such repairs are often $1,000 – $2,000—certainly nothing to sneeze at. Luckily, there’s a great way to protect your crown and its surrounding masonry. Those of us at A to Z Chimney Services swear by a product called CrownSeal.

chimney-crown-rebuild-Sacramento CA-AtoZChimney

A new crown is poured once the bricks are extended in order to hold the top flue tile safely in position for years to come.

All About CrownSeal

When it comes to your chimney’s crown and shoulders, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Avoid expensive masonry and crown repairs by having your crown and shoulders professionally resurfaced with ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal.

CrownSeal is a fireproof, waterproof, environmentally-friendly, and permanently flexible membrane that’s specially engineered for chimneys. It dries in approximately six hours, cures in 24 hours, and has a natural concrete/mortar appearance. If desired, it can be colored with mortar dye. With a 10-year warranty, CrownSeal will keep the water out of your chimney and keep more of your money in your pocket.

In addition to preventing damage, CrownSeal does a great job of repairing severely cracked chimney crowns. However, sometimes the crown is just too damaged to repair, and it will need to be torn off and rebuilt. Read more about our crown construction here. To find out if your crown or shoulders need to be repaired, contact A to Z Chimney Services today at info@atozscreens.com or by filling out our online appointment form.

damaged-chimney-crown-Sacramento CA-AtoZChimney

Damaged Chimney Crown Before

new-chimney-crown-Sacramento CA-AtoZChimney

Chimney Crown After Repair








You can update the look of your fireplace with refacing or even rebuilding. Do you want to know more about these restoration services? Call us today.

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I just wanted to thank you for your expert advice at my last chimney cleaning. We were looking to purchase and install a new wood stove in order to keep our home warmer during the winter, and although it wasn’t directly related to having our chimney swept, your technician took a lot of time to go over several features and designs that were good, and told me several things to watch out for when purchasing a new wood stove.

Needless to say, I could tell this guy knew what he was talking about! It was nice getting an impartial opinion from someone who works with wood stoves all day long!

Suffice it to say that when our new wood stove is installed, we’ll continue to have A to Z out to clean it! You guys are awesome!

~ Allan Stuckin, Fair Oaks, CA
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