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Chimney Crown And Shoulder Tear-Off And Rebuild

Shoulder & Crown Diagram

Shoulder & Crown Diagram

In most cases, chimney crowns and shoulders can be repaired—small holes and cracks can be patched and sealed and masonry problems resolved. However, in some cases, we’ll find a chimney in Sacramento that’s so bad off that it needs to have the existing crown and/or shoulders completely removed and rebuilt. A crown is the mortar cap at the very top of your chimney, and the shoulders are the brick-and-mortar part of the chimney where the neck meets the lower, wider part of the chimney. A chimney without a crown—or with a crown that’s been compromised—is nothing but a liability to your house. Read on to understand why it’s crucial that the chimney on your home has a crown.

Why Does My Chimney Need A Crown?

  • First and foremost: To keep water out of your chimney and out of your house, where it can cause damage, create bad smells, and cause parts of your chimney to rust and deteriorate.
  • But also: To keep small animals and insects out of your chimney, where they will nest and create a fire hazard, as well as become a nuisance.
  • And, last but not least: To prevent debris from entering your chimney, where it can catch fire and hamper efficiency and drafting.

AtoZ's chimney sweeps are experts at extending the height of your chimney's brickwork in order to properly support the terra cotta flue tiles.

AtoZ’s chimney sweeps are experts at extending the height of your chimney’s brickwork in order to properly support the terra cotta flue tiles.

A professionally built chimney crown will be built thick and tough and will be specially designed to wick water right off your chimney, directing it onto your roof and away from your home. This is incredibly important, as leaking chimneys can result in water damage to all that surrounds your chimney; this includes your floors, walls, and ceilings. These repairs can quickly become expensive and inconvenient.

But with A to Z Chimney Services, you’ll be protected — following the construction of your new chimney crown, we will use ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal to keep water out and prevent future damage.

Should I Call A Roofer Or A Chimney Sweep?

Many times, homeowners will make the mistake of contacting a roofer to repair their leaking chimney crown. We don’t recommend this if you only want to have your chimney leak repaired once and if you want it done right the first time. Roofers know roofs, and chimney masons know chimneys and chimney crowns. The experienced, trained, and professional masons at A to Z Chimney Services can construct a chimney crown, masonry chimney, and/or chimney shoulders that will last you for the life of your home.

If your masonry chimney needs repairs of any kind, A to Z Chimney Services’ wealth of experience is at your disposal. Please remember that the best safeguard against damage to your masonry is an annual inspection by a CSIA certified chimney sweep. Live in the Sacramento area and have a chimney for us to look at? Make an appointment with A to Z Chimney Services today! Email us at or fill out our online appointment form.


If you think you might need complete chimney crown restoration, call the experts in all kinds of masonry repairs–A to Z Chimney Services.

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