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Sacramento’s Chimney Safety Inspectors

Having the combustible creosote cleaned from your chimney is important, but an inspection to look for the presence of potential hazards, defects, or deterioration is just as important as a cleaning. You should only hire a CSIA- certified and qualified chimney technician to perform a safety inspection on your chimney. The technicians at A to Z Chimney Services use the ChimScan closed circuit camera so that both you and your chimney sweep can take the closest possible look at the condition of your chimney flue.

Technician sweeping chimney-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneyServicesWhat Is A Chimney Technician Looking For During An Inspection?

The technicians at A to Z Chimney Services look for the following during a chimney video inspection:

  • proper construction
  • clearance to combustibles
  • water intrusion
  • signs of damage caused by a previous chimney fire
  • built-up creosote
  • cracked or collapsed flue tiles
  • mortar protrusions
  • evidence of seismic events
  • etc.

Basically, we look for any sign that your chimney is in distress and thus a threat to your home and safety. We also offer helpful tips and advice on how to maintain the condition of your chimney, extend the amount of time between cleanings, and get the most out of your burning experience.

When Should My Chimney Be Inspected?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that all chimneys, fireplaces, and vents be inspected annually. In addition to this requirement, there are other times when chimney and venting systems should be inspected, such as:

  • After any unusual, or sudden occurrence event, such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, or earthquake.
  • Prior to purchasing a home with an existing chimney.
  • Whenever changes are made to a chimney or vent system, including replacement of connected appliances.
  • Prior to major system repairs.

The 3 Levels Of Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspections come in many forms, and you should be aware that not all inspections are alike. At A to Z Chimney Services, we follow the inspection procedure outlined by the NFPA, which divides chimney inspections into three categories or levels. Because we feel so strongly that an educated customer is a customer for life, we are one of the few companies in the Sacramento area that adheres to these strict guidelines and gives you the choice as to which inspection you desire to be performed on your home. Different circumstances will determine which level of inspection your chimney requires.

Level I: A Level I inspection is the most basic level of inspection, while Level II and Level III inspections are progressively more detailed and comprehensive. A Level I inspection is completed during each chimney sweeping and is included free with every sweep that A to Z Chimney Services performs. A Level I inspection is recommended for a chimney that’s under continued service, when no conditions have changed, and is limited to “readily accessible” portions of the venting system, connected appliance(s), and the chimney connection.

AtoZChimneyServices-SacramentoCA-ChimneyInspectorLevel II: A Level II inspection is more thorough than a Level I inspection and is recommended when conditions of use for the appliance or venting system are changing (such as when an appliance has been replaced or when the input rating or efficiency has changed). Level II inspections are also necessary prior to a flue relining, upon sale or transfer of the property, or after a chimney fire, earthquake, tornado, lightning strike, or other sudden occurrence event. During a Level II inspection, the ChimScan camera allows the A to Z Chimney Services technician and the homeowner to view images of the chimney’s interior on a computer monitor from the comfort of the home. A Level II inspection includes all of the requirements of a Level I inspection, in addition to inspection of “accessible” areas of attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

Level III: A Level III inspection is the most detailed of all inspection types and includes inspection of concealed areas of the building. However, examination of concealed areas will be limited to areas reasonably suspected of containing hazards that cannot be evaluated otherwise. A Level III inspection includes all areas covered in a Level I and Level II inspection, as well as inspection of concealed areas to investigate known or suspected problems. In as much as certain portions of a Level III inspection require destructive action to the building, the inspector will discuss these areas with the building owner prior to the inspection.

Enjoy your fires this year with peace of mind, knowing your chimney was swept and inspected by one of A to Z Chimney Services’ CSIA-certified chimney sweeps. To make an appointment today, email us at or fill out our online appointment form.


Whatever your chimney repair or even chimney rebuilding needs might be, we can provide the right chimney or fireplace service to take care of you.

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Dear A to Z Chimney

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great service you have done for me. I am an avid wood burner and love to burn my fires just about every evening. There’s nothing like the simple pleasure of curling up next to a warm and cozy fire during those cold winter nights.

Unfortunately, I had a chimney fire which did extensive damage to my chimney and it had to be re-lined with a new Stainless Steel Liner.

Last year, I hired a different company to come out and sweep my chimney. The sweep from that company tried to use high pressure sales tactics to get me to do the repairs. His poor attitude and high pressure turned me off so badly that I decided not to have them do the work.

This year, I hired your company and Chris Donovan was such a gentleman! He gave me the same bad news, but this time I could see it with my own eyes on the screen as he video scanned my flue. He was also much more knowledgeable and informative and really took the time to help me understand. He did not talk condescendingly, and there was no pressure whatsoever.

Consequently, I did hire your company to come back and complete the needed repairs, and was absolutely delighted!! Not only did Chris come back, but Aaron, the owner came, as well. I was delighted to know that the owner was personally seeing to the work. In the process of repairing my chimney, some other minor problems were detected, and they fixed them at no additional charge!

In addition, when everything was done, they did a spectacular job cleaning up every bit of their mess, and I couldn’t even tell they had been here.

Thanks again for the great service you provide! I will use you again and again, and refer you to my friends.


~ Beverly Bland, Carmichael, CA
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