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ChimScan Video Inspections Of Your Chimney

You may be wondering: What in the world is a chimney video scan, and why is it necessary? A video inspection of your chimney involves a chimney technician either lowering a camera into your chimney or pushing a camera into your chimney from the bottom, so as to inspect the interior surfaces of the flue for the presence of potential safety hazards. This is beyond handy since so much of the chimney is hidden from view.

The ChimScan closed circuit camera allows the CSIA-certified technicians at A to Z Chimney Services to inspect every chimney from a close range, instead of just shining a bright flashlight down the top or bottom of the chimney like most Sacramento chimney sweeping companies.

Video Inspection of a chimney-SacramentoCA-AtoZChimneyFrom our perspective, video scanning your chimney after cleaning it is not simply a luxury but an absolute necessity. Hiring someone who only uses a flashlight to inspect your chimney is like using the services of a doctor who doesn’t have an X-ray machine. Would you trust the opinion of a doctor who shines a flashlight down your throat to see if you have a cracked rib? Of course not. Shining a flashlight down a flue to spot potentially dangerous cracks or gaps in your chimney is just as impossible, as there are numerous things to get in the way of a clear view including protruding mortar joints, offset flue tiles, acute angles, and sheer distance.

The Proof Is In The Picture

In addition to informing our chimney technicians and giving us unprecedented access to chimneys, the ChimScan camera allows our technicians to show homeowners the condition of their chimney—either offering assurance that all is well or evidence that there are problems that need to be dealt with. Camera images are viewed on a TV monitor, usually set up on the fireplace hearth. Because seeing is believing, the camera gives our customers the assurance of knowing that they don’t have to take a stranger’s word for it that something is wrong with their chimney.

At no additional cost to you, A to Z Chimney Services conducts a video inspection each time we sweep a chimney that serves an open face fireplace or an unlined or partially lined insert stove. A video inspection is especially important after a chimney fire or some other type of damage and is a routine part of a Level II or Level III inspection. However, ChimScan inspections are also included with all of our Level I inspections as a part of our standard cleaning/inspection services.

Having your chimney swept and inspected by A to Z Chimney Services will help you keep the fire you want from becoming the fire you don’t want. Schedule your inspection and sweeping today by emailing, calling us, or filling out our online appointment form.


A complete chimney safety inspection will help give you peace of mind about the safe operation of your fireplace, so ask us more about all our dependable chimney and fireplace services today.

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Several years ago I had one of the biggest chimney sweep companies in town come out to clean my chimney and it was a DISASTER! By the time they finished, my carpets and furniture were covered in dirty, grimy soot, and it was a nightmare to have cleaned!

Because of my past experience with that other company, I was understandably cautious about having another chimney sweep into my home, but I decided to give A to Z since they came highly referred. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A to Z was on time and very careful to cover my white carpets with fresh, clean tarps not only in front of my fireplace, but everywhere they walked, too!

I could tell they cared deeply about taking care of my home and making sure my experience was a good one! If you are wondering if there's any difference between the quality of service with A to Z versus the competition, believe me, there really is!

~ Paul Peterson, Fair Oaks, CA
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