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Troubleshooting Your Fireplace or Heating Appliance

Are you concerned about how your fireplace or furnace is performing? If you detect a funny smell or there seems to be too much smoke, these are definitely things to pay attention to. The longer you ignore problems with your fireplace the more they have the potential to worsen and to endanger your safety. Dirty or “sick” fireplaces and furnaces can catch fire or create an environment in which carbon monoxide can flourish and leak into your living space.

Knowing how to care for and maintain a fireplace isn’t second nature. At A to Z Chimney Services we enjoy educating our customers about how to make certain that your appliances are working as safely and efficiently as possible. When you light a fire, you should be able to sit back and relax, completely confident that everything is as it should be. We can help you enjoy your fireplace without worry.

How to Diagnose Fireplace Problems

An inspection will allow one of our trained and certified fireplace technicians to determine what, if anything, is wrong with your fireplace. The problem, however, usually doesn’t lie within the heating appliance itself—though most appliances can benefit from a good sweeping — but within the chimney. The chimney is the engine of your fireplace or furnace—and problems that seem to manifest themselves in your firebox can usually be traced back to your chimney. Issues that we commonly see and correct for Sacramento area homeowners include:

Only a professional will be able to tell you for sure what is causing the problem with your heating appliance. Our inspection process involves the use of a closed-circuit camera that allows us to examine the length of your chimney at close range. A technician can then show you exactly what he or she finds inside your chimney or fireplace so that you can feel confident that any suggested repairs are needed. You will also be able to have a look at our work once it’s completed. Read more about our inspection process here.

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A smoking chimney can be annoying and possibly hazardous to your health. Let us troubleshoot this common chimney problem to see what needs to be done.

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Several years ago I had one of the biggest chimney sweep companies in town come out to clean my chimney and it was a DISASTER! By the time they finished, my carpets and furniture were covered in dirty, grimy soot, and it was a nightmare to have cleaned!

Because of my past experience with that other company, I was understandably cautious about having another chimney sweep into my home, but I decided to give A to Z since they came highly referred. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A to Z was on time and very careful to cover my white carpets with fresh, clean tarps not only in front of my fireplace, but everywhere they walked, too!

I could tell they cared deeply about taking care of my home and making sure my experience was a good one! If you are wondering if there's any difference between the quality of service with A to Z versus the competition, believe me, there really is!

~ Paul Peterson, Fair Oaks, CA
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