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We Are Sacramento’s Fireplace & Chimney Building Experts!

Are you building a new home in the Sacramento area and looking to add a fireplace and chimney? Or would you like to add a fireplace and/or chimney to your existing home? This is what we do best at A to Z Chimney Services! We take into consideration both aesthetics and practical matters when building hearths for our customers. Our technicians are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and committed to creating the hearth of your dreams.

Whether it’s a gas or wood-burning fireplace you want and/or a prefab or masonry chimney, we can get your home outfitted just the way you like. Our goal is to have you enjoying the warmth and charm of your fireplace, while feeling assured that your hearth is as safe and efficient as possible and adding value to your home. We also make it a priority to work within our clients’ budgets. Because there are so many types of heating appliances, we can find the right one to accommodate most every customer’s needs.

Let Us Build You A Masonry Chimney And Fireplace That You Can Love For A Lifetime!

Did you know that masonry chimneys can weigh up to six or seven tons? As such, masonry fireplaces require extensive footing to prevent shifting or cracking, which can allow fire to escape. A chimney and fireplace have numerous parts that need to work together to maximize safety and create proper drafting. These parts include the crown, the flue and its liner, the smoke chamber, the smoke shelf, the damper, the firebox, the hearth and mantel, the ash dump, and the foundation. In other words, masonry chimneys should only be built by professionals with a lot of proven experience putting up durable chimneys. The masons at A to Z Chimney Services take the job of chimney building seriously and can construct for you a beautiful brick and mortar or stone chimney that is safe and insulated and that will last for the life of your home.

We Install Prefabricated Fireplaces

Each year, we install an increasing number of prefabricated fireplaces for Sacramento homeowners. Far more affordable, though not as durable as their masonry counterparts, these hearths can be used with or without a chimney, depending on type. Instead of masonry, these fireplaces and their chimneys are made of metal and other materials. They come as complete units with all the necessary parts, engineered to work safely and efficiently together. Installation instructions have to be followed to the letter, especially in regards to clearances from the firebox and chimney to any combustible materials. The majority of prefab fireplaces require 2” minimum air space between the chimney and any wood framing. The CSIA-certified technicians at A to Z Chimney Services will be able to install your factory-built fireplace so that your warranty stands and so that you can enjoy your fire knowing that everything has been properly connected.

In addition to fireplace and chimney installations, A to Z Chimney Services can service your fireplace each year—conducting all necessary inspections and sweepings, waterproofing your chimney and masonry for extended life, and replacing worn-out or damaged components. Email us at or fill out our online appointment form to make an appointment with A to Z Chimney Services, today.


If you know something is wrong with your chimney system but don’t really know what it is, let us troubleshoot the problem. We can recommend the correct fireplace or chimney service or repair to get it back in tip-top shape.

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A to Z’s Technician did a terrific job cleaning out my dryer vent! He was very pleasant to work with and professional. He cleaned the outside dryer vent ductwork. It hadn't been cleaned in 10 years so there was a lot of lint and buildup in the ductwork. He said there wasn't much airflow going through the ductwork.

That could explain why it was taking so long for the clothes to dry. It was also a huge fire hazard. He cleaned up the area outside. I couldn't even tell he had been there. He pulled off the bottom of the dryer to check for lint build up in the dryer. There was a lot of lint in there too. He said he could clean the inside of the dryer also for an extra charge of $50.00.

I thought that was a very reasonable price so I had him clean the inside of the dryer also. I am very pleased with his work and glad I finally found someone to clean the vent. His company also automatically makes an appointment to come back in tow years to clean it again. The appointment will be in two years for the same date as the original visit. He put a magnet on the front of the dryer with the future appointment date so I don't forget. I will definitely use his service again.

~ Annette Mackin, Granite Bay, CA
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