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Chase Cover Repairs And Installations

Chase-Pan-ReInstalled-SacramentoCA-AtoZ-ChimneyLocated at the top of your prefabricated chimney’s chase—or metal flue—chase covers serve the important purpose of keeping rainwater out of your home, where it can do damage to your chimney chase and the ceiling and walls around your chimney. A chase pan, which looks a lot like a shallow cookie pan that’s been installed upside down over the top of your chimney, also works great at keeping leaves and other debris out of your prefabricated chimney, as well as nesting critters. Simply put, the chase pan is your chimney’s roof. Just like your home’s roof, a properly-installed chase pan cover should have a downward slope to encourage rainwater to be shed quickly. However, because they’re made of metal and in the direct line of fire of all Mother Nature has to offer, chase covers do tend to rust and become damaged over time. At A to Z Chimney Services, we have lots of experience replacing chase covers for customers across the Sacramento area.

Common Chase Pan Problems

Water is a chase pan’s worst enemy. When standing water gathers and stays for long periods of time on your chase pan cover, it leads to unsightly rust staining that can eat holes clear through the metal. This usually necessitates a full replacement of your chase pan, though we are happy to simply repair your existing chase pan if we are able to. It’s also not uncommon for us to find a chase pan that’s leaking because it was made improperly or not installed by a professional. Sometimes a chase pan can’t shed water because it was installed or dented in such a manner that the chase pan allows water to collect and pool rather than run off as it should.

water remaining on chase pan cover

Ponding water on chase pan cover.

If your chase pan is allowing water to “pond” or “puddle” on top of your chimney, it needs to be fixed. If this problem is ignored, stagnant water will cause your chase pan to rust and will eventually require a complete replacement—an expense that is completely avoidable. In addition to rust stains streaming down the sides of your chimney, a chase pan that’s rusted through will let damaging rainwater leak into your home, which might cause extensive damage to your walls, ceilings, and floors, not to mention potential mold issues. Let A to Z Chimney Services fix your chase pan cover so it can do the job it was designed to do.

It is often a good idea to have your chimney cap updated or replaced at the same time that you replace your chase pan. Make an appointment with A to Z Chimney Services today by emailing us at, calling us, or filling out our online appointment form.


We can also replace or install your prefabricated chimney cap for extra protection against the intrusion of water, animals and other debris. Let us help you with this basic chimney installation service.

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