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Could You Benefit From A Top-Sealing Chimney Damper?

How much would it cost you to leave your door cracked open all winter? If your chimney does not have a top-sealing damper, this is basically what you are doing all year long—hemorrhaging your energy dollars right out of your chimney. Whether you have a fire lit or not, your chimney is constantly drawing warm air—warm air that you paid big bucks for—into the fireplace and expelling it to the outside. Have you noticed that it’s often noticeably colder in the room where your fireplace is? This would be why.

Top Sealing Damper in Closed Position

Top Sealing Damper in Open Position

You may not realize it, but not having a top-sealing damper—or having an old throat damper in disrepair—is probably costing you $200 to $300 dollars each year. How would you like to finally “close the door” on this wasteful heat loss for good and eliminate the cold draft around your fireplace? With a top-sealing damper, you will keep your damper door open when using your fireplace and then be able to close it at all other times. Those of us at A to Z Chimney Services want to get your chimney outfitted with a top-sealing damper so that you can keep your conditioned air in your house where it belongs. Another added bonus is that these dampers keep out snow and rain, which can cause profound damage to your chimney and property. Dampers will also prevent birds and other critters from getting into your chimney, where they not only become a nuisance but can nest and create a fire hazard.

Replacing A Throat Damper With A Top-Sealing Damper

If they have dampers at all, most older hearths have throat dampers, located just above the firebox. Top-sealing dampers have since been found to be far more effective, which means lots of old chimneys in Sacramento still need to be retrofitted with top-sealing dampers.

When installing a top-sealing damper, our technicians bypass your existing inefficient damper and create an airtight seal at the very top of the chimney. You’ll find that top-sealing dampers are easier to operate than your existing throat damper—no more bending over with the flashlight looking for the damper handle. The top sealing damper’s handle is mounted right in the fireplace, easy to see and easy to reach. Top-sealing dampers are also the best choice when your chimney’s existing damper is frozen (rusted) open or shut.

Tell your chimney sweep that you’re ready to “close the door” on cold drafts, expensive heating bills, and difficult-to-operate dampers by purchasing your top-sealing damper today. Make an appointment with A to Z Chimney Services by emailing, calling us, or filling out our online appointment form!

If you’re thinking of a new fireplace installation, have you considered the pleasures and benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, stove or insert? Let us help you sort out all the possibilities today.

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Your employee was on time and very careful about cleanliness! I appreciated the fact that he took the time to not only put tarps down in front of my fireplace, but also everywhere he walked as he came in and out of my home… I have had my chimney cleaned by several companies over the years, and I don’t think I remember anybody being as careful to keep it clean as A to Z!

Also, another difference I noticed was the fact that your guy was here about ½ hour longer than any other chimney guys I’ve had in the past. Not only did it seem he was more meticulous and concerned about doing a thorough job, but he also put a Chim Scan Camera up into my chimney after cleaning to make sure there were no dangerous cracks or gaps.

You guys weren’t the cheapest in town, but I feel I DEFINTELY got a better value with your company than any others I’ve used in the past. You took more time, did a better job, and thoroughly answered all of my questions in terms that I could understand.

Great job from start to finish! Now that I’ve found you, I’ll use A to Z exclusively from now on!

~ Greg and Marsha Johannson, Granite Bay, CA
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