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Considering A Wood-Burning Fireplace, Stove Or Insert?

There are many who would argue that nothing equals the charm and warmth provided by a wood stove or fireplace. That cozy, radiant heat seems to warm a room in a way that hot air systems just can’t. Those of us at A to Z Chimney Services certainly have a soft spot for wood-burning appliances, of which there is now a great variety. Before we tell you about what’s out there, let us rhapsodize for a minute about the advantages of heating with wood.

Traditional Wood Stove Insert - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

Is your wood stove insert a slammer?

Wood stoves and fireplaces aren’t always the most convenient option, as they demand that homeowners chop or buy wood in addition to hauling it, stacking it, and storing it. However, we find that many people actually enjoy this old-fashioned process, as it speaks to their desire for self-sufficiency—especially when they’re able to harvest (free!) wood from their own property. In turn, some homeowners are able to save money on electricity by using wood to heat their homes. And many environmentalists laud the use of wood because it’s a renewable resource. Lastly, wood stoves are wonderful during power outages, as they provide both a source of heat and an easy way to cook. If you’re wondering if a wood stove, fireplace or insert is right for you, A to Z Chimney Services is happy to help you weigh your options.

Types Of Wood-Burning Heating Appliances

Wood-burning fireplaces: The most traditional of all hearths, there’s a lot to love about a wood-burning fireplace, which may be either custom- or factory-built and connected to either a masonry chimney or a prefab chimney.

Wood-burning stoves: Wood-burning stoves are a favorite of many homeowners, who like that they provide not only energy-efficient warmth, but also a practical cooking surface. Plus, today’s models are surprisingly versatile in terms of design—fitting into contemporary spaces beautifully.

Wood-burning inserts: Inserted into existing masonry fireplaces, wood-burning fireplace inserts are great for keeping more heat inside your home instead of losing it up your chimney. They can also add value to your home and save you energy dollars.

Wood pellet stoves: This type of stove is fueled by wood pellets made of sawdust, corn and wheat hulls, and wood shavings that likely would have ended up in landfills. This is an eco-friendly and low-cost fuel source, and we’ve seen these stoves jump in popularity over the past few years.

All types of wood-burning appliances should be professionally installed to guarantee safety and efficiency and keep manufacturers’ warranties in good standing.

Wood Stove And Wood Insert Repairs

The unsafe installation of a wood stove can put you and your family in danger every day it is in use. A to Z Chimney Services knows how to properly install a wood stove and remove one if needed. We are careful to strictly abide by National Fire Protection Agency Building Codes, which outline specifications for safe fireplace installation. For instance, there are defined distances that must be maintained when installing a fireplace mantel that is made of combustible materials like wood. Cement, stone, and brick fireplace mantels are not combustible, and therefore aren’t under the same restrictions.

In addition to installations, we are equipped to handle any and all wood-burning fireplace and wood stove repairs, including:

  • Chimney pipe replacement
  • Stove pipe replacement
  • Firebrick replacement
  • Door gasket replacement
  • Resolution of clearance to combustibles violations

We also service and install gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts.

If you have a wood-burning unit that is in need of repair, inspection or sweeping, or are looking to have one installed, make an appointment with A to Z Chimney Services by emailing us at info@atozscreens.com, calling us, or filling out our online appointment form.

In all our years of chimney and fireplace installations, we’ve done our share of installing prefab and factory-built units. So, if a prefab unit is part of your plan, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Several years ago I had one of the biggest chimney sweep companies in town come out to clean my chimney and it was a DISASTER! By the time they finished, my carpets and furniture were covered in dirty, grimy soot, and it was a nightmare to have cleaned!

Because of my past experience with that other company, I was understandably cautious about having another chimney sweep into my home, but I decided to give A to Z since they came highly referred. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A to Z was on time and very careful to cover my white carpets with fresh, clean tarps not only in front of my fireplace, but everywhere they walked, too!

I could tell they cared deeply about taking care of my home and making sure my experience was a good one! If you are wondering if there's any difference between the quality of service with A to Z versus the competition, believe me, there really is!

~ Paul Peterson, Fair Oaks, CA
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