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Aaron Zambrana, Owner of AtoZ

Aaron Zambrana, Owner of AtoZ

“Having a company that bears your initials tends to make one more serious about what it stands for,” says Aaron Zambrana, Owner and President of A to Z Chimney Services and sister company A to Z Window Screens.

In business since 1995, A to Z Chimney Services was started by Aaron Zambrana to help him pay his way through college. While still a full-time student working towards his business degree, Aaron began cleaning, sweeping and repairing chimneys and heating appliances throughout the greater Sacramento area. Starting out in a garage, A to Z Chimney Services now employs more CSIA-certified chimney sweeps than anyone else in the Sacramento area. We offer a full range of chimney and vent-related services and products, including:

chimney technician on top of a roofWhen you work with A to Z Chimney Services, you can expect awesome service, professionalism and fair prices. “Because we concentrate on making our customer’s experience stress-free, and provide the highest degree of peace of mind, our existing customers come back to us year after year and we come highly referred! About 60% of our appointments come from repeat customers or the friends they referred to us, which says a lot,” states Aaron.

The business techniques that Aaron learned while obtaining his degree help ensure that A to Z Chimney Services runs as smoothly as possible, and will be here to serve customers for the long-run.

A to Z chimney service trucks“But technical skills are also needed in running a business such as ours. We are on the forefront of technology when it comes to our craft, and we retain our competitive advantage by attending just about every educational opportunity possible. From formal training programs to studying other successful businesses (in and out of our industry), we spend thousands of dollars each year attending schools and traveling all over the United States in order to provide better service than any other company in our area. Because of this, our service and quality cannot be touched by anyone else, bar none.”

Aaron has also earned two Contractor’s License in two different trades for each of the businesses; C-61 D-52 limited Specialty License for Window Screens and C-61 D-34 for Chimney Sweeping. Certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), as well as the Hearth Foundation’s prestigious NFI wood burning program are two more industry specific certifications held by A to Z Chimney Services, further demonstrating a strong commitment to providing the most knowledgeable service possible.

chimney technician performs a video inspectionIn fact, at a cost of thousands of dollars per technician, A to Z Chimney Services is the only business in the Sacramento area where EVERY Chimney Sweep is a CSIA-Certified Sweep. Most other companies have one person (usually the owner) who may or may not be certified while no one else in the company is. That means that in the end, the customer is usually served by someone who is less knowledgeable than they probably should be.

“When it comes to fire safety and your home, we truly spare no expense,” says Aaron. “In addition to requiring every sweep to be CSIA Certified, we are also the only company to inspect every open face fireplace with a $4,000 digital closed circuit camera system. These specialized cameras (called “ChimScan Closed Circuit Cameras”) allow the home owner to see the inside of their chimney with their own eyes. This is especially important in the event a needed repair is discovered. The homeowner becomes educated, and knows first-hand the repairs are truly needed. We don’t simply require them to take our word for it.”

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Angie's List Super Service Award


A to Z’s Technician did a terrific job cleaning out my dryer vent! He was very pleasant to work with and professional. He cleaned the outside dryer vent ductwork. It hadn't been cleaned in 10 years so there was a lot of lint and buildup in the ductwork. He said there wasn't much airflow going through the ductwork.

That could explain why it was taking so long for the clothes to dry. It was also a huge fire hazard. He cleaned up the area outside. I couldn't even tell he had been there. He pulled off the bottom of the dryer to check for lint build up in the dryer. There was a lot of lint in there too. He said he could clean the inside of the dryer also for an extra charge of $50.00.

I thought that was a very reasonable price so I had him clean the inside of the dryer also. I am very pleased with his work and glad I finally found someone to clean the vent. His company also automatically makes an appointment to come back in tow years to clean it again. The appointment will be in two years for the same date as the original visit. He put a magnet on the front of the dryer with the future appointment date so I don't forget. I will definitely use his service again.

~ Annette Mackin, Granite Bay, CA
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