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Licensing & Certifications


Aaron Zambrana, Owner / Sweep Technician

Bachelor of Science Business Administration CA State University Sacramento
CSIA Certified Sweep #5156
NFI Wood & Gas burning Specialist #138761
GSCSG Certified Sweep # 12
CA State Contractor Limited Specialty C61 D34 D52 HIC Lic #784045
Ryan Kay CSIA Certified Sweep #7390

Mick Voss CSIA Certified Sweep #7063


Member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild
Aaron Zambrana Currently serves on the Ethics and Logo Violations Committee
Member of the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild (GSCSG)
Aaron Zambrana has served on the GSCSG board of directors both as Treasurer and Trade Show Convention Director
Member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Affiliate Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
Member of a CSIA sponsored Management Information Exchange (MIX) Group who actively travels cross country every six months to study other’s business practices and techniques.

A to Z Chimney Services Proof of Licensing, Bonding, Liability Insurance, Workman’s Comp Insurance

Anyone can CLAIM to be fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured but…
Only A to Z Chimney Services PROVES it by providing this documentation at any time to you, the customer, no questions asked!!

Copies of our Contractors License, Contractor’s Bond, Placer County Small Business License, Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation Insurance Policies are always kept in each of our technicians 3 ring binders for your review. No other company gives you free and open access to License and Insurance Information like A to Z Chimney Services. Perhaps you might ask you self why?

You might be surprised as you demand to see proof of licensing and insurance from some other companies. Protect yourself by refusing to do business with companies who cannot or will not furnish proof of a valid Contractors License, Liability Insurance, and Workman’s Compensation Insurance!!

Should an accident occur while working with an unlicensed / uninsured company, you have no recourse, and YOU may be sued to cover the hospital expenses! DON”T RISK IT. PROTECT YOURSELF BY hiring only a legitimate company who is current on their Licensing and Insurance.

1.Do you have a Valid Contractor’s License? If so, what is the License number?
As basic a question as this sounds, you might be surprised by some responses you get. Without a contractor’s license, a contractor may not perform any home improvement work that exceeds $500. Worse yet, you as a consumer have little recourse should a dispute arise between you and an unlicensed contractor. If you are furnished a contractors License number, check it out to ensure the number is a valid license that belongs to that person/company. Also, check to see if any actions or complaints have been taken against the licensee. Inquiries may be made with the California State License Board at

Our CA State Contractors License is #784045. You’ll find our license to be in PERFECT STANDING with no complaints, and a copy of our license is displayed in the front of our representative’s sales binder for your review.

2. Do you have Liability Insurance? Are you bonded? Do you have Workman’s Compensation Insurance for your employees?

More basic, yet crucially important questions. For your protection, don’t be afraid to request to see a copy of each of these documents from any home improvement contractor you hire! Ensure they are current and in order. If any of these documents cannot be furnished upon demand, your may be risking more than you know should an accident occur.

3. How is your record with the Better Business Bureau?

As with the Contractors State License Board, you’ll find our record to be impeccable…and why is that? Because we do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy. If a problem arises, you will be helped promptly with personal service, not ignored with an answering machine. By choosing A to Z Chimney Services, you are assured of being treated honestly and fairly. Inquiries can be made on the Better Business Bureau’s website at

4. What continuing education courses has the technician serving me attended/taught in the last year?

Aaron Zambrana instructing California Real Estate Home Inspectors at the Sacramento Hilton Hotel. While becoming a CSIA-Certified sweep is important, it is not everything! How would you feel if you discovered that your physician had not invested any effort into furthering his education or keeping up with the latest medical advancements since graduating from medical school twenty years ago? Sure, he may be a doctor, but what has he done for you lately? Does he keep abreast of his field by staying involved with professional organizations and associations? Is he an industry leader who actively teaches classes and publishes articles in his specialty? Wouldn’t you feel much better about putting a doctor who is a leader in his field in charge of you family’s well being?;

The same is true with your chimney sweep. While at first glance chimney sweeping may not seem like rocket science, there is a lot more to it than one would ever suspect. While it’s true that simply cleaning a chimney may not be too difficult, learning to judge if a chimney is safe for use or how to diagnose why a chimney may not be working properly are skills which require many hours of classroom training and field experience.

Aaron Zambrana, Owner of A to Z Chimney Services is not only a CSIA-Certified Sweep himself, but he’s also an active member of both the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild. He and his wife have been featured on the cover of the Chimney Sweeping industry’s three biggest trade publications: Sweeping Magazine (Aug 2003), Chim News (winter 2003), and SNEWS Magazine (September 2005). In addition, he has authored several articles which have also been published in Sweeping, SNEWS, and Chim News magazines. Aaron actively speaks, teaches, and consults within the industry, and others not in the sweeping industry such as home inspectors, firefighters, realtors, etc.

Aaron’s obsession for providing his customers top-notch service through continuing education is not wasted on himself, however. Ask anyone on his staff and they’ll be the first to tell you he demands all A to Z Chimney Services technicians know their jobs! A to Z Chimney Services’ office staff, CSIA-Certified sweeps and their helpers are further instructed 1-2 hours per week during a weekly training meeting. In addition, A to Z Chimney Services’ sweeps attend annual National and State chimney conventions as often as occasion permits…all for the purpose of giving you the best service possible.

Aaron Zambrana taking the NFI Wood-burning Exam.We’re confident you’ll find that there’s no comparison between the level of service A to Z Chimney Services offers and our competition. You just might say that our sweeps know their S _ _ T!…SOOT, that is. Our track record clearly indicates that we are the experts setting the pace in the greater Sacramento area. If you want to find the chimney sweeping company who will provide you with the highest level of professional service, find the one that is most actively investing in it’s employee’s education. You’ll quickly agree; — that company is A to Z Chimney Services.

The following list of continuing education courses, certifications, licensing, and publications which have featured A to Z Chimney Services have been provided for your viewing pleasure. Please note that our weekly training meetings are not included in this list.

Continuing Education: Taught / Attended / Visited

Golden State Chimney Sweep guild Northern CA Workshop August 2001 Lodi, CA: Attended
National chimney Sweep Guild Convention March 2002 Indianapolis, IN: Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild Annual convention July 2003 Tahoe NV: Taught / Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep guild Northern CA Workshop August 2003 Lincoln, CA: Hosted / Taught / Attended
The Chimney Doctor, Jerry Isenhour (The President of the NCSG at the time), Conchord, NC Nov and Dec 2003: Visited for one week to study their business operations.
National chimney Sweep Guild Convention March 2004 Myrtle Beach, SC: Attended
Placer County Fire Department Cook Riolo Station March 2004 Sacramento, CA: Taught Chimney Fires 101
Placer County Fire Department Nicholous Station March 2004 Lincoln, CA: Taught Chimney Fires 101 to
Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild Southern CA Workshop May 2004 Hesperia, CA: Taught/attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild Convention Burbank, CA July 2004: Taught / Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep guild Northern CA Workshop August 2004 Lincoln, CA: Hosted / Taught / Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild Southern CA Workshop April 2005 San Bernadino, CA: Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild Convention San Diego, CA July 2005: Taught / Attended
Golden State Chimney Sweep guild Northern CA Workshop August 2005 Lincoln, CA: Hosted / Taught / Attended
California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA) Aaron Zambrana taught an All Day, 7 hour “Toolbox” meeting on “Chimney Inspections”at the Sacramento Hilton Hotel October 18, 2005.
London Chimney Sweeping, San Francisco, CA. Aaron Zambrana visited with a CSIA Mix Group. Studied the business operations. February 15-19, 2006
American Institute of Inspectors (AII) Home Inspector Association. Aaron Zambrana taught a condensed “Chimney Defects 101” class March 12,2006
Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, Ravena, NY Aaron Zambrana visited with a CSIA Mix Group. Studied the business operations July 20-July 22, 2006
American Institute of Inspectors (AII) Home Inspector Association. Aaron Zambrana taught a full 4 hour “Chimney Defects 101” class November 18, 2006 at the Reno Hilton Hotel


We’ve been mentioned in the press more than a few times over the years. Read some of these mentions to find out more about us today.

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A to Z did a great job sweeping our chimney! After they cleaned the flue, they put a small camera up the chimney to make sure it was sound. He had me look at the computer screen to show me what he was looking at and he was able to show me that our chimney was in great shape (after the cleaning, of course).

The whole process was seamless and easy for me and the technician was very professional throughout.

~ Lori Hanegan, Rocklin, CA
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