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Are you are looking to add warmth and style to your home? If so, a gas fireplace or fireplace insert could be just what you’re looking for! Wood-burning fireplaces have long been prized for their romantic ambiance. However, gas fireplaces have become the more popular choice because of their many advantages.

Advantage No. 1: Efficiency

Gas fireplaces are hands down the most efficient fireplace option. Open-hearth wood-burning fireplace send as much as 90 percent of their fire’s heat up the chimney. However, a gas fireplace can return anywhere from 75 to 99 percent of the fire’s heat to your home. In addition, the heat of a gas fire is constant: There’s no stoking the fire or adding logs to keep the heat coming.

Advantage No. 2: Convenience

When it comes to gas fireplaces, you can’t beat the convenience! There’s no need for adding fuel or adjusting the fuel. You flip a switch or press a button, and the fire ignites. You can even attach your gas fireplace to a thermostat. So now the flames automatically adjust to heat your living space to the desired temperature.

Advantage 3: Less maintenance

While annual cleanings and inspections are still recommended for gas fireplaces, they come with far less maintenance than their wood-burning counterparts. There’s no need to sweep away ash or clear up splinters of wood or embers that have found their way onto you floor. In fact, other than your annual cleaning and inspection, your gas fireplace should require little maintenance from you.

Advantage 4: Realism

Many wood-fire aficionados long mocked gas fireplaces for their fake appearance. The technology and design of a gas fireplace has advanced quite a bit over the last two decades. Fireplace designers have crafted gas fireplaces that closely mimic their wood-burning counterparts. With realistically carved ceramic logs sitting on beds of faux burning embers, gas fireplaces can be hard to distinguish from wood-burning fireplaces at a glance.

Advantage 5: Style

Gas fireplaces are a stylish addition to any home. They also come in a variety of designs to fit any homeowner’s taste. While there are plenty of models that offer the look of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, there are gas fireplaces that have the appearance of floating within walls. Flames can burn around smooth river rocks or on a bed of glass stones. The flames can even float freely! Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, or contemporary fireplace design, you will be sure to find a gas fireplace that fits your vision.

If you are considering upgrading your home with a gas fireplace, call A to Z Chimney Services today! We sell and install gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, and gas logs sets that can upgrade your home and keep you warm all winter.