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While animals may sometimes be cute and fuzzy, they can cause unmeasured levels of chaos when they enter your home uninvited, especially inside of your chimney.  If you feel like you have something in your chimney, the first step is to not panic, as you could not only hurt the animal but also yourself.  For problems like these, call the professionals at A to Z Chimney.

Why do animals go for the chimney?

Concerned about what might be making noise in your chimney? Call us today.

Concerned about what might be making noise in your chimney? Call us today.

One of the reasons that animals make their way into a chimney is because they think that the top of the chimney is a hollowed out tree.  Unfortunately because the inside of the chimney is slick, once an animal is inside only a few can make their way out.  Some animals do instead choose to go inside of the chimney to make their homes.  You can tell what kind of animal is in the chimney by the sounds that they make and the noises they make while trying to escape the chimney.  Also, you may hear multiple animals if they have nested and had offspring.  To learn more about the differences in these types of animals, click here.

How can you prevent the animals from getting inside?

Chimney caps are the best way to prevent animals from getting inside of your chimney.  Chimney caps are a piece of metal, mesh cover and that has a solid top.  However, before you have these installed you should have an inspection to make sure that there are no animals currently present.  Aside from this, chimney caps can also help keep rainwater out of the chimney and prevent it from rusting the inside.

How do you remove an animal that is in the chimney?

If you think that there is an animal on the inside of the chimney, you should not try to remove it on your own.  If the animal gets frightened it could run and get loose in your home.  Also, animals carry many diseases, which could be given to you.  Many people think that they could flush an animal out with flames and smoke, but this could cause severe burns to the animal, especially if they are physically unable to get out on their own. Bottom line: don’t try this on your own. Call us and we will be happy to advise the best way forward.