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Most homeowners save chimney maintenance for the fall, but they’re missing out on an opportunity. Summer is actually the perfect time to have your chimney swept and inspected, for several reasons.

Remove Soot

The soot that forms in your chimney when you burn a fire in your fireplace is highly corrosive. Leaving that soot in place all summer, long after you’ve burned your last fire, allows the soot to eat away at your fireplace and chimney. A summertime sweeping ensures that harmful soot is removed before it can erode your fireplace and chimney components.

Keep Damage from Worsening

Winter’s strong winds and heavy rains can take a toll on your chimney.

  • Chimney caps can be blown off kilter or damaged,
  • Chimney masonry can develop cracks or weaknesses,
  • And chimney crowns or chase covers can crack or corrode.

Any damage sustained during the winter can let water seep into your chimney, causing even more damage. When you have a summertime sweeping and inspection, your chimney sweep can spot damage early, and you can have your chimney repaired before damage can worsen or spread.

Prevent Chimney Odors

Does your chimney ever stink? Unpleasant chimney odors are common summertime problems. When heat and humidity hit your chimney, anything lurking inside can begin smell and fill your home with an unpleasant, embarrassing odor. A summertime chimney sweeping removes the various causes of chimney odors, from creosote to animals nests, saving you from a foul odor you otherwise can’t rid your home of.

Leave Time for Repairs

When you wait until fall to have your chimney swept and inspected, you’re operating under the assumption that your chimney will need a quick sweep, and your fireplace will be ready to use as soon as you’re ready to use it. But what if your chimney sweep spots damage that needs to be repaired? If you wait until the fall to have your chimney swept and inspected, you might find the need for chimney repairs delaying your use of your fireplace. A summertime chimney sweeping and inspection ensures that you have plenty of time for needed repairs.

Beat the Fall Rush

Another benefit of scheduling a summertime chimney sweeping and inspection is convenience. When you schedule a cleaning during the chimney sweep’s offseason, you can schedule your service quickly and on your own time. By scheduling a summertime sweeping, you can avoid waiting weeks for a chimney sweep or having to choose an appointment time that’s not convenient for your schedule.

If you’re ready to schedule your summertime chimney sweeping, call A to Z Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment today! We’ll clear away damaging soot and creosote, remove any odor-causing chimney debris, help you spot damage and plan repairs. We’ll get your chimney swept and inspected quickly and conveniently so your fireplace is ready for you to use come fall!