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The month of February is the time where we traditionally celebrate our love for our wives, husbands, and significant others.

Call upon a "Cupid in Black" to enjoy your fireplace this Valentine's Day

Call upon a “Cupid in Black” to enjoy your fireplace this Valentine’s Day

Traditions of fat, little winged, white-clad cupids flying around with arrows of love often come to mind when we give our very best Valentine saying, “Be Mine.” But have you ever heard of the cupids in black?

No?! Well let me tell you, they are AMAZINGLY crafty at giving romance a spark and setting hearts ablaze!
These cupids in black are often found high up in the air on the rooftops and chimneys, but they don’t have a bow and arrow in their hands! They come armed with chimney brushes and rods, and are in charge of helping you to enjoy your fires worry free so you can concentrate on more enjoyable things. No more nagging worries about the safety of your fireplace!

As a professional chimney sweep, I’ve had the pleasure of helping my fair share of families get back to basics with the ability to snuggle up to the glow of a nice warm fireplace on a cold winters’ night.

I’ve seen the joy in the eyes of many customers who have been able to use their gas fireplace for the first time in years after successfully repairing it for them.
I’ve seen kids rushed off to bed, shoes kicked off, and feet perched up on the coffee table in anticipation of the quiet, relaxing time to be spent in front of the fire with a significant other…
Yes, a cupid in black such as myself derives great pleasure and satisfaction from helping others set the mood for all kinds of wonderful time together, and all it takes is a little sweep’s touch.

If your chimney or gas fireplace needs the help of a cupid in black this February, please don’t hesitate to call A to Z for your next chimney sweeping!