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Professional Chimney Repairs and Installation

Chimney technician working on chimney flashingJust like any other appliance in your home, chimneys also need maintenance and repairs once in a while, too! If your chimney is in need of repairs, A to Z has got you covered with over fifteen years of experience and more CSIA-certified chimney sweeps on staff than anyone else! We can perform any kind of chimney repair from simple fixes such as installing a chimney cap or top sealing damper, to more technically involved repairs such as relining your chimney with a stainless steel liner or finding that elusive water leak. If you’ve got any type of chimney problems such as smoking or poor draft, water leaks, a broken or missing damper, or chimney fire damage, A to Z’s professional staff of CSIA certified sweeps and over fifteen years of chimney repair experience is the most direct path to take when it comes to troubleshooting, evaluating, and repairing your chimney problems.

To learn more about having your chimney repaired, first determine what kind of chimney system you have, and then click on one of the links below to learn more about the repairs typically needed for your type of chimney system.

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The Parts of a Chimney System

Pre fabricated chimney diagramIt doesn’t matter if your appliance is a masonry or factory built unit, there are very specific parts inside that work in conjunction with the size of your home, air flow to the unit and precise clearance to combustibles that must be adhered to in order for the unit to function properly and your home to remain as safe from a potential fire as possible. If any of these things change, it can affect the functionality of the system. The only way to be sure of what’s going on is to hire a professional chimney service company like A to Z Chimneys to do a proper diagnosis so you know for sure what you are dealing with.

There may be some easy fixes that can be done quickly and inexpensively or you may discover there is a bigger issue that must be dealt with, and either way, we can help you. We have a number of testimonials from very satisfied customers on the website because we want you to know that we stand behind all of our chimney repair work.


AtoZChimney-SacramentoCA-ChasePanReInstalledWhen installing a new unit or changing out an old system for a new one, many of the same parameters we deal with when doing repair work apply. The first one is making sure the unit is the right one for the size of the room considering air flow and clearances. These are things that if missed, can cause you a lot of grief in the future because the unit will not function or meet your expectations.

new stainless steel chimney liner being installedHaving a professional install the fireplace, wood stove, insert and the proper chimney system that goes with each product also guarantees the warranties that comes with each one. Many manufacturers these days will not honor the warranty if it is installed by someone that is not NFI certified. This one factor should make you think twice before trying this on your own.

Whatever your “it” is, A to Z Chimney Sweep has got you covered.

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This was my first experience having my chimney cleaned and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect! I was very impressed with how careful the technician was to ensure that nothing got on our carpet or couches using tarps and a special vacuum to filter the air and ensure no soot got into the home.

It was a good feeling when your technician started setting up and took the time to assure me he would leave my home as clean as he found it.

A to Z is definitely pro! Thanks for a professionally clean chimney, and a totally clean house!

~ Tim Sullivan, Antelope, CA
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