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Prefabricated Chimney Chase Pan Replacement

A Chase Pan is like a shallow cookie pan installed upside down over the top of your chimney. It’s sole purpose is to keep damaging rain water from entering the chimney structure and your home. Sometimes a Chase Pan Covers allows water to leak into the chimney because it’s made or installed improperly, or it has developed rust which has eaten a hole clear through the metal due to standing water ponding for long periods of time.

Old leaking chase pan cover is removed.Old leaking chase pan cover is removed.

New properly fitted chase pan cover is installed.New properly fitted chase pan cover is installed.

If this is the case with your Chase Pan Cover, it should be replaced before continued water intrusion is allowed to further damage your fireplace, walls, or chimney chase. We have seen many cases where a neglected water leak has caused the fireplace to become rusted through, wood siding and 2x4’s become dry rotted, and walls and ceilings need to be replaced. Paying a little now to have a new, properly-fitted chase pan cover installed will save lots of money and headaches in the long run.

Typical reasons for water leaks on top of Prefab Chimneys

Water ponding on chase pan.Water ponding on chase pan.

Improper drip edge.Improper drip edge.

Rusted through chase pan.Rusted through chase pan.

Missing storm collar.Missing storm collar.

Storm collar set too high.Storm collar set too high.

Your prefabricated chimney pipe may need to be relined to keep it safe to operate. A to Z can perform this skilled repair the right way the first time!

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Dear A to Z,

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and for a thorough inspection of my chimney. One of the biggest concerns I have when hiring service professionals is being taken advantage when not having first hand knowledge of the various procedures. Last year when I had my chimney swept by one of your competitors, they claimed that I had a chimney fire, and that my flue was now cracked and needed extensive repairs.

This year, I hired A to Z to come out and sweep and inspect the flue because I heard they inspect the chimneys with a Chim Scan camera at no additional charge. The technician who came to my home, assured me I would be able to see any cracks or hazardous conditions along with him as he video scanned my flue. To my utter delight, NO EVIDENCE OF A CHIMNEY FIRE OR DAMAGE IN MY FLUE WAS DETECTED!!! Chris was extremely detailed in his inspection and really took his time educating me so I could feel comfortable. It was obvious that he knew what he was talking about and truly interested in doing the right thing…a far cry from last year’s experience with the other company. If anyone asks for an HONEST, COMPETENT, AND PROFESSIONAL chimney sweep company, I'll be sure to recommend A to Z!

~ Ms. Randi Scott, Lincoln, CA
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