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ZC Chimney Pipe Relining, Repair & Replacement

If you have a home with a Zero Clearance (ZC) fireplace that has experienced a chimney fire, often the chimney will sustain damage that merits a complete replacement of the chimney pipe (relining). Often this is a very involved process that begins with removing the pieces on the very top of the chimney, climbing down into the hollow chase, and removing the damaged pipe one section at a time.

Old fired damaged chimney section.Old fired damaged chimney section.

NEW chimney section being snapped in place.NEW chimney section being snapped in place.

Chase pan is removed to gain access.Chase pan is removed to gain access.

Technician climbs down hollow chase. Technician climbs down hollow chase.

Once the damaged pipe has been removed, the first section of the new pipe will be connected to the existing ZC fireplace, along with subsequent sections until the new chimney runs the entire height of the chase from top to bottom.

Occasionally, some portions of your chimney may not be accessible from the top. If this is the case, portions of your home’s exterior siding, stucco or interior drywall will have to be removed.

Old damaged sections are removed and new chimney sections are installed.Old damaged sections are removed and new chimney sections are installed.

Drywall and/or exterior siding removal are sometimes necessary to gain access.Drywall and/or exterior siding removal are sometimes necessary to gain access.

Drywall and/or exterior siding removal are sometimes necessary to gain access.Drywall and/or exterior siding removal are sometimes necessary to gain access.

ZC Chimney Repair

Most ZC chimney sections are held together with “twist lock” or “snap together” joints. When installed properly, these joints are NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to separate without destroying the chimney pipe itself. A properly-installed chimney will not come apart on its own or from regular chimney sweeping. Unfortunately, human error is sometimes present when a chimney is originally installed (especially in tract housing or apartment buildings), and some sections may not be fully connected or snapped together. When it is discovered that the ZC sections have come apart, they must be put back together before another fire is burned. The process is much like relining described above except the same chimney pipe is used when at all possible.

Repairs of this nature are very technical, and care must be taken to use the proper parts and ensure that minimum clearance to combustibles are maintained. As such, it is best to ensure only a qualified professional performs this procedure to ensure your safety.

A to Z has more experience working with ZC Fireplaces and Chimneys than anyone in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our experienced technicians will ensure that the job is done right the first time so you can have the piece of mind knowing your chimney has been relined properly. IF YOUR ZC CHIMNEY IS DAMAGED, DO NOT BURN FIRES UNTIL REPAIRS ARE COMPLETED!!


Does your prefab chimney have a firestop? A to Z can inspect your chimney system to see if you need this important safety installation, so give us a call today.

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I just wanted to thank you for coming to our rescue the other day. I just purchased a new home and a new washer and dryer to go with it. Understandibly, I was a very confused when my dryer suddenly began taking two or three cycles in order to dry my clothes! To my surprise, the appliance repairman who came out told me that my dryer was just fine, but that my dryer vent needed to be cleaned out! I had never heard of such a thing! Mercifully, he referred me to you guys and everything went better from there.

Your technician discovered that a bird had decided to make its nest in my vent! A lot of effort and tons of nesting material later, my vent was finally unclogged!

Thanks again for your valiant efforts! The guy that came to my house was fantastic and took everything in stride, and didn’t charge me any extra despite the fact that my vent took longer than normal to clean! I’ll be sure to tell everyone where they can get great service having the dryer vent cleaned!

~ Denise Gordon, Roseville, CA
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