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Now that it's fall, it's officially time for your next chimney sweeping appointment!

Now that it’s fall, it’s officially time for your next chimney sweeping appointment!

It’s finally fall and officially time to make your appointment for your annual chimney sweeping, gas fireplace service, or clothes dryer vent cleaning.

Every year without fail, I’m driving somewhere with my wife on one of the first cold evenings…. Hanging in the air along with the fog is the unmistakable fragrant smell of wood smoke wafting from the chimneys.

I turn to my wife and ask her; “Do you smell that?” “Yes I do”, comes her reply.

I then ask “Do you know what that smells like? BUSINESS!”
That’s when she rolls her eyes at the joke she’s now heard every year for over sixteen years.

So this is officially your call to action! If you’ve never had your chimney, gas fireplace, or dryer vent cleaned or if it’s just been longer than it should, now is the time to get on our schedule before it gets really cold! A little cheap “fire insurance” is worth the cost when it comes to burning your fires safely and keeping your equipment in top condition.

And to kick things off right this fall, we are offering a 10% discount on your next chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, or gas fireplace service scheduled on or before September 30, 2015.

So pick up the phone right now and get on the schedule for your fall chimney, gas fireplace, and dryer vent cleaning maintenance. Appointments often fill up quick in the fall, so beat the rush and get an early start by calling today. Our office can be reached at (916) 850-2446. You can also contact us online.

To learn more about our chimney, gas fireplace, and dryer vent cleaning services, click here.
Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. This offer must be mentioned at the time of booking your appointment.