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It May Be Time for A Chimney InspectionWith the winter approaching fast, people are dragging out the blankets and making the hot cocoa.  However, be careful before lighting that chimney for the finishing touches.  Without the proper chimney inspection, your fireplace and chimney could be a hazard to your family and your home.  Thankfully, A to Z Window Screens, Chimney Sweep, and Dryer Vent Cleaning can come to your rescue!

This check up is like a physical for your chimney, and you should know what is going to be done to your precious unit when the professionals come.  The standard chimney inspection is known as a Level 1 inspection.  These are recommended to be conducted once a year and include a chimney sweep, which removes creosotes from the inside of your chimney.  This is helpful to prevent draft problems and chimney fires.  A Level 1 inspection is typically for anyone who hasn’t made any changes to their chimney.  A Level 2 inspection is recommended to follow any changes that have been made, or if a Level 1 inspection reveals anything out of the ordinary.  A Level 3 inspection is when a concealed part of the home or building must be checked, such as drywall.  To do a chimney sweep the technicians bring in a big hose and insert it in the chimney, then sucking and filtering the air and keeping soot from entering the room.  With giant brushes in hand, the professionals begin to scrub the in side of your chimney.

As with any appointment, there are things you can do to help prepare your chimney for its inspection.  First, do not have any fires for at least 24 hours ahead of time.  The inside of a chimney can stay hot for days, causing danger to the technicians and their equipment.  Also, have a clean area for the people to work.  A 6’ X 6’ area should be sufficient.  They will lie out tarps to protect your floor from anything that may come out of the fireplace.  It is best to have furniture and decorations moved as far away as possible as well.  Pets are also cumbersome, so have them locked away safely in the other room, ferocious or not, to prevent them escaping the home during the entering and exiting that will be done.