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Whether you’re looking for a physician or a mechanic, it’s important to shop around. With today’s social media platforms and a variety of search engines, you have the advantage of finding the right professional. It’s important that you choose products and professionals that are the best when it comes to your safety. The professionals that are completing installations and maintenance on your home should be licensed and certified.

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The chimney industry is under-regulated, which can put families and homes at risk. It’s our goal and the goal of many other industry professionals, to reduce the number of residential fires. We are able to do our part by obtaining and maintaining certifications, and educating our customers and communities..We believe our certifications help make us the best, which is why we continue to maintain them through continued education, examinations, and field training.

CSIA Certified Sweeps

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is the only nationally-recognized industry-standard, established in the 1980s. CSIA-certified chimney sweeps are trusted by other trades professionals as well as realtors, lawyers, and even fire marshals. Also, CSIA-certified sweeps abide by a code of ethics that protects consumers from chimney-related scams. In order to maintain our CSIA certification, we also have to renew our certifications every 3 years. This requires re-examination or continuing education credits.

Other Certifications

We don’t stop at CSIA certification. Our team at A to Z Chimneys is also certified by the National Fireplace Institute a certification agency trusted by manufacturers across the industry.

Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild

In addition to important industry certifications, it’s important for professionals to align themselves with local organizations as well as national ones. At A to Z Chimneys we are not only certified through CSIA and NFI, but also the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild. We are also affiliated with the National Chimney Sweep Guild, local Chamber of Commerce, and a member of CSIA’s Management Information Exchange.

If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area, we are happy to help! It’s important to find the best professional for your necessary services. When you’re looking to schedule your routine chimney sweep or annual inspection, schedule with A to Z Chimneys. We don’t want our customers to get involved in scams or to put their homes in danger by hiring amateurs. Schedule with the licensed professionals—a company that can answer important questions like: What is your license number? Are you insured? Can you produce references?

We know that trust should be earned, and we want the chance to earn your trust.

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