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Each spring, we make it a habit to deep clean our homes: We dust normally unreached corners, get rid of unused items and organize our closets and garages. This spring, you should add dryer vent cleaning to your list of spring cleaning tasks!

Spring Dryer Vent Cleaning - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services
Dryer vent cleaning is an important part of home maintenance.

Over time, lint builds up in your dryer vents. Each time you dry a load of clothes, lint makes it past the screen trap. In fact, the lint trap only catches about 60 percent of the lint created by your dryer, leaving the other 40 percent to make its way up into your dryer vents.  The lint sticks to itself within the dryer vents, leading to clogs and blockages. Additionally, other things can block dryer vents. Animals and birds can crawl or fly in from the outside and make nests. Believe it or not, even smaller items of clothing, like socks, can make it past the lint screen and block the dryer vent. We don’t often think of cleaning our dryer vents, but it should be done at least once per year, making dryer vent cleaning an ideal spring cleaning project!

Dryer vent cleaning saves you money.

Having your dryer vents cleaned is a relatively inexpensive service, and having your dryer vents cleaned can save you money throughout the rest of the year. A clogged dryer vent can cost an additional $18 to $24 each month in energy costs, as the dryer has to work harder and run longer to dry each load of clothing. That means that dryer vent cleaning more than pays for itself over the course of a year. Dryer vent cleaning also can save you money by extending the life of your dryer, as dirty dryer vents overtax your dryer by interfering with its airflow.

Dryer vent cleaning keeps your home safe.

Clothing dryer cause more than 15,000 home fires each year, according to statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and many of those are caused by clogged dryer vents. When warm air can’t escape from the dryer via the dryer vent, that heat builds up while the dryer is running. The UNI-STAR Cleaning Service in Manchester advises that extreme heat can ignite the highly flammable lint in the dryer vents or dryer, causing a fire. Blocked dryer vents also can prevent carbon monoxide, a byproduct of a gas dryer, from leaving the home. That can lead to a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide inside the home.

Schedule your spring dryer vent cleaning with A to Z Chimney Services now!

Adding dryer vent cleaning to your spring cleaning to-do list can save you money, keep your home safe and help keep your clothes clean by dryer them faster, avoiding the musty smell that can occur when wet clothes remain in the dryer too long. And by including dryer vent cleaning in your spring cleaning ritual, you’ll remember to have your dryer vents cleaned annual, as is recommended. Call A to Z Chimney Services Sacramento today to schedule your spring dryer vent cleaning!