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AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HomeInspectorIllustrationAs a professional home inspector, you are one of the most valuable resources a home buyer could have! You take great pride in being able to identify health and safety issues that might threaten the occupants or their property. Your keen eyes are able to spot maintenance issues which, if left uncorrected, can turn into more expensive repairs down the road. And your reports are organized, well put together, and easily understandable. Because of these reasons and more, realtors often recommend your services to folks purchasing a home.

But once problems are identified, what next? Do you leave your customers holding the bag wondering on whom they can depend to repair the problems that you identified? Certainly NOT! No, you’re better than that! As a professional, you’re not just a home inspector, but you’re a well-connected resource at your customer’s disposal!

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HomeInspectorYou recognize the additional value you provide to your customers by having a team of qualified companies and contractors who specialize in doing the type of work that is required, whether that be a roof repair, a plumbing issue, or sweeping, inspecting, and repairing various hearth systems such as fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas fireplaces and clothes dryer vents! Yes, having a long list of honest, reliable and affordable companies who will take great care of your customers always makes you look good!

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HomeInspectionIllustrationDiagramAs a home inspector, you know firsthand that there is no way one person can know everything about every system that makes up a house. Like a respected family doctor who possesses a lot of general knowledge regarding the human body, home inspectors are general practitioners possessing a broad range of general knowledge regarding home construction and maintenance. Your job is to know a lot about a lot of things, but not everything about everything!

Family doctors also know their limitations! In the event one of their patients has an injury or sickness beyond the family doctor’s level of expertise, the patient is referred to a specialist who has dedicated their focus on one particular discipline. This specialist doctor is better prepared to give the ailing patient the best possible care!

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ProfessionalChimneySweepLike the wise family doctor, you are also able to identify a problem or questionable situation with the property, and then refer it out to an expert who specializes in that particular field. This “prefer to defer” approach to home inspections is the best method to limit your liabilities as well as make sure your customers are provided with the highest level of service and satisfaction…especially when it comes to fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas fireplaces, and clothes dryer vents!

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-BaboonsA to Z Chimney Services, Window Screen, & Dryer Vent Cleaning LOVES home inspectors! Do you know why?! Because you guys refer us a lot of new clients!! We consider ourselves the specialist doctors who are willing to look down deep dark holes that few others are willing to investigate…indeed you might consider A to Z Chimney Services your favorite chimney proctologist! And there’s a good reason for it…. Because we know our S_ _ t! You read that right…. When it comes to chimneys, we really know our Soot! If you’re not currently referring our company for chimney cleaning, inspections and repairs, WHY NOT?

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ConferenceFor years we’ve been privileged to get to know many of you by frequenting CREIA, ASHI, and various PCAR get-togethers. Whenever we’ve been asked to do so, we’ve always been willing to teach and instruct home inspectors about the various aspects and nuances of inspecting chimneys and fireplaces, and encourage home inspectors to expand their knowledge on this particular frontier.

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-AaronZambranaTeachingCREIAHomeInspectorsA to Z Chimney Services has also been hired by AII to teach a class at one of their annual conventions, as well as by CREIA to teach an all-day tool box meeting. In fact, if it’s been a while since you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of chimney problems and repairs, our website is an awesome resource for you!

Spend some time refreshing your knowledge by visiting the chimney repairs section of our website! If you like what you see, link our website to yours and use it as a resource for your customers! In addition, feel free to contact our office and request to be added to our email list of home inspectors! Occasionally, we’ll send out a “Detect the Defect” tutorial showcasing a specific chimney problem.

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ChimScanCameraIn addition, our company has been featured on “Good Day Sacramento”, has appeared on the cover of three separate chimney industry magazines, and has written and published several industry articles for our trade. To see some of our press coverage, check out the press releases page on our website. To see our qualifications, check out the licensing / certifications page on our website.

Needless to say, we are quite confident in our ability to wow your customers and their realtors with our service, knowledge, and specialized chimney inspection skills! We currently offer three levels of chimney inspections.

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ChimneySweepInspectionIn summary, when it comes to chimney inspections, cleaning, and repairs, please “prefer to defer” and refer your customers to us! You’ll be reducing your liabilities while at the same time, giving your customers better service! Don’t just leave your customers with a list of needed repairs not knowing who they can trust to get them done!

Set yourself apart by adding more value to your inspections! You’ll win more customers by having a list of qualified contractors like A to Z Chimney Services who can make your customer’s home repair problems go away!


If you are a property manager, here is some information that could help. At A to Z Chimney Services, we’re happy to provide this additional service.

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Everything from your company has been done in a professional manner! The person who came out to sweep my chimneys answered all my questions with pictures and a book full of before and after pictures of the most commonly needed repairs, and I was very impressed. Later on, you came back out to install chimney caps on both fireplaces. I was very please with all your work. And yes, when I need another chimney cleaning, I’ll definitely use A to Z again. You are professional and I give you very high marks!
~ Steve and Paula Nagrabske, Folsom, CA
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