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Only the Best for the People of Sacramento

There’s truly something magnificent about this place; where even the ordinary is extraordinary in so many ways—a place where there’s literally everything. This city started from very humble beginnings. It started modestly and just made use of the vast agricultural land that was surrounded by valleys and rivers.

It was through the efforts of three individuals, a duo of father and son, John Sutter, Sr. and John Sutter Jr., together with a good friend, James W. Marshall, that this particular city started to prosper. Over the years, it was very consistent with the success envisioned by these aspiring Swiss individuals at it was dubbed by several famous magazines and critics to be “America’s Most Diverse City.”

This is the capital city of the state of California and the 35th largest city in the United States.  This metropolitan city built the first ever Transcontinental Railroad. Yes, good old Sacramento; the place where people would want to be in. It has the largest university in all of California called Sacramento State and in the heart of Sacramento lays an internationally known hospital, UC Davis Medical Center.

Enjoy the colder months with those you love. We will make sure the fireplace is ready to go.

Enjoy the colder months with those you love. We will make sure the fireplace is ready to go.

In this city, you will see both old and new infrastructures that date way back to the 1800s. The capitol building for example, still stands its ground, proud after decades. The modern era began rapidly and until now they are still at the height of their success. There are over five hundred thousand people living in Sacramento, a true sign that truly something great has transpired over the years.

This particular area, like most areas in the Unites States, goes through the usual routine of freezing temperatures as the winter season begins. Most of the homes in Sacramento have fully-functioning fireplaces and chimneys to help them survive the holidays. This needs to be maintained and cleaned every year to prevent any unwanted disasters from happening. People responsible for taking care of your chimney should be quick to respond.

A company that surely stands out when it comes to chimney sweeping is A to Z Window Screens, Chimney Sweep, and Dryer Vent Cleaning. Our love and dedication for serving the people of Sacramento is the reason we never fail to offer excellent service.  We can help get you through the cold winter months and also the hot Sacramento days too.  We have trucks roaming around the city daily and are on stand-by to make sure they get there on time with the equipment needed.  We’re happy to serve the people of Sacramento because everyone deserves to safely enjoy a cozy fire.