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Sacramento’s Choice for Chimney Services

When you need chimney or fireplace services in the greater Sacramento area, there’s no better place to call than A to Z Chimney Services. We’re Sacramento’s No. 1 choice in chimney services!

Our History

Sacramento Downtown - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

A to Z Chimney Services has been cleaning, inspecting and repairing chimneys and heating appliances in the Sacramento area for more than 20 years.  The company was started by A to Z namesake Aaron Zambrana when he began sweeping and repairing chimneys to support himself through college. Since that time, Zambrana has taken his garage-based business and grown it into one of Sacramento’s largest and most reputable companies.

Our Certifications

One of the best reasons to trust A to Z Chimney Services with your fireplace and chimney system is because of our certifications. We believe strongly in industry trainings so that we can provide our customers with the safest and best chimney services. In fact, A to Z employs more sweeps certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America than any other area chimney services company. A to Z Chimney Services goes far beyond that. We ensure that ALL of our chimney sweeps our certified where other companies generally only seek certification for the owner or a few select chimney sweeps. That means you can trust that whichever A to Z sweep is sent to service your chimney is fully trained to handle the job the right way.

On top of our CSIA certification, A to Z also holds certifications from the National Fireplace Institute and holds a contractor’s specialty license for chimney sweeping.

Our Services

A to Z Chimney Services can handle all of your chimney and home-heating appliance needs! Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Chimney and fireplace sweeping and inspections. All vented appliances should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year. This helps lower the risk of home fires and carbon monoxide buildup and to spot problems like leaks and structural decline. A to Z offers regular annual chimney sweepings and inspections, as well as more involved inspections for real estate transfers or damaged or dilapidated chimneys.
  • Installation and construction. Looking to create the perfect hearth for your home? A to Z can help! We install fireplace inserts, heating stoves, chimneys, gas logs and more! Whether you’re looking to rehab an existing hearth with insert, have a prefabricated fireplace installed or have a traditional masonry fireplace and chimney constructed from scratch, A to Z Chimney Services can handle the job.
  • Chimney repairs. A to Z Chimney Services can rehab your failing chimney. From replacing a chimney cap to repairing leaks or completely reconstructing a failing chimney, A to Z can restore your chimney’s look and function.
  • Dryer vent cleaning. Just like your chimney, your clothing dryer vents require annual cleaning and inspection to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently. Our chimney sweeps are trained and certified to handle the job!

Call A to Z Chimney Services to schedule your appointment today!

If you’re looking for the best chimney and fireplace services in the Sacramento area, call A to Z Chimney Services to schedule your appointment today! You’ll find highly trained sweeps and a complete lineup of hearth and chimney services.

Start Thinking About Chimney Repairs

Your fireplace might still be in peek use, but now is the time to start thinking about chimney repairs! While it might be months until the warmer, sunnier weather allows for repairs, planning now allows you to be ahead of the curve. You’ll know the scope of your repairs and how much they’re likely to cost, and you’ll be first in line on your chimney sweep’s schedule so you won’t be left waiting for repairs, and you’ll be able to schedule repairs at your convenience.

The first step in planning your chimney repairs is determining if you require repairs and what repairs are needed. Like any appliance or home structure, chimneys and fireplaces breakdown over time and need to be repaired or replaced. Ignoring chimney and fireplace problems can lead to a dramatic and expensive deterioration of the chimney structure. It can put your home at risk for a chimney fire, smoke damage or water damage. Some common signs of damage you should be on the lookout for include:

How to tell if your chimney needs to be repaired.Chimney Repairs - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

  • Cracks or holes in the chimney.
    Masonry chimney structures are prone to cracking or crumbling over time, due primarily to water absorption. Cracks or crumbles in the chimney can allow water to seep into the chimney or into your home, and it can weaken your entire chimney structure.
  • Discoloration on the chimney.
    Discoloration of the chimney structure, whether it’s white, black, blue or green, can be an indication that water is entering the chimney masonry and causing damage.
  • Moisture or debris in the firebox.
    When determining if your chimney needs repairs, don’t forget to check your firebox! Moisture at the base of your firebox is a sure sign that water is getting into your chimney. Chunks of debris or flue tile can indicate that your chimney liner is deteriorating.
  • Rusted or stuck damper.
    Most dampers are metal-on-metal construction, and they are one of the first chimney elements to break down from age. They can warp and fail to seal or even become stuck due to exposure to moisture or exposure to the extreme heat from your fireplace.
  • Smoke or odors entering your home.
    Your chimney could have underlying damage or improper construction if you’re getting smoke back in your home when you light a fire, or if your chimney is letting a foul odor into your home.

What to do if your chimney needs to be repaired.

If your chimney is showing one of the above signs of damage, or if your chimney sweep told you that it needs to be repaired during your annual inspection, act now! Prepare for your chimney repairs by calling A to Z Chimney Service to schedule an appointment today. One of our certified chimney technicians can assess the scope of your chimney damage. They will also give you a quote for repairs and even get repairs scheduled as soon as possible.

Have Your Chimney Swept This Summer!

Most homeowners save chimney maintenance for the fall, but they’re missing out on an opportunity. Summer is actually the perfect time to have your chimney swept and inspected, for several reasons.

Remove Soot

The soot that forms in your chimney when you burn a fire in your fireplace is highly corrosive. Leaving that soot in place all summer, long after you’ve burned your last fire, allows the soot to eat away at your fireplace and chimney. A summertime sweeping ensures that harmful soot is removed before it can erode your fireplace and chimney components.Home with Masonry Chimney - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

Keep Damage from Worsening

Winter’s strong winds and heavy rains can take a toll on your chimney.

  • Chimney caps can be blown off kilter or damaged,
  • Chimney masonry can develop cracks or weaknesses,
  • And chimney crowns or chase covers can crack or corrode.

Any damage sustained during the winter can let water seep into your chimney, causing even more damage. When you have a summertime sweeping and inspection, your chimney sweep can spot damage early, and you can have your chimney repaired before damage can worsen or spread.

Prevent Chimney Odors

Does your chimney ever stink? Unpleasant chimney odors are common summertime problems. When heat and humidity hit your chimney, anything lurking inside can begin smell and fill your home with an unpleasant, embarrassing odor. A summertime chimney sweeping removes the various causes of chimney odors, from creosote to animals nests, saving you from a foul odor you otherwise can’t rid your home of.

Leave Time for Repairs

When you wait until fall to have your chimney swept and inspected, you’re operating under the assumption that your chimney will need a quick sweep, and your fireplace will be ready to use as soon as you’re ready to use it. But what if your chimney sweep spots damage that needs to be repaired? If you wait until the fall to have your chimney swept and inspected, you might find the need for chimney repairs delaying your use of your fireplace. A summertime chimney sweeping and inspection ensures that you have plenty of time for needed repairs.

Beat the Fall Rush

Another benefit of scheduling a summertime chimney sweeping and inspection is convenience. When you schedule a cleaning during the chimney sweep’s offseason, you can schedule your service quickly and on your own time. By scheduling a summertime sweeping, you can avoid waiting weeks for a chimney sweep or having to choose an appointment time that’s not convenient for your schedule.

If you’re ready to schedule your summertime chimney sweeping, call A to Z Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment today! We’ll clear away damaging soot and creosote, remove any odor-causing chimney debris, help you spot damage and plan repairs. We’ll get your chimney swept and inspected quickly and conveniently so your fireplace is ready for you to use come fall!

Placer County CA Chimney & Fireplace Services

We Proudly Serve Placer County CA

A to Z Chimney Services proudly serves Placer County—from The Valley through the Gold Country and up into the High Country—and relishes in its breath-taking scenery, rich history, and year-round recreation opportunities. With 1,400 square miles of beautiful and diverse geography, everything from arts and culture, gastronomic delights, farmers markets, and outdoor recreation are right at our fingertips. What’s not to love? If you already live in Placer County, congratulations! If you’re considering relocation, what are you waiting for?!Serving Placer County CA - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

Making Placer County Safer One Fireplace at a Time…

Your fireplace is the focus of family gatherings and a great way to take the chill off during the coolest winter nights. For many, it’s a basic necessity. It can also be a source of danger to your home and family. A fireplace that’s improperly cared for may start a fire where you don’t want one, namely inside your chimney. According to the NFPA, the second leading cause of house fires is heating equipment, and two out of three heating equipment fires result from heating appliances, which includes fireplaces, chimneys and wood stoves. Of the fires that start in the chimney or fireplace, most are a direct result of creosote deposits. Sadly, most are preventable with regular inspections and maintenance. Prevent your home from becoming part of these statistics by scheduling routine chimney inspections to catch dangerous creosote before it catches you.

We Take Dryer Vent Safety Very Safely…

Laundry is part of life’s weekly grind; for some, it’s more of a daily concern. That’s a lot of loads of laundry! Did you know that dryers cause roughly 2,900 home structure fires, 5 deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in direct property loss in the U.S. each year? What’s more, the majority of dryer fires happen in the fall and winter months, with the peak being in January. The most common cause of dryer fires is failure to do a thorough cleaning. Because a lint trap is not a foolproof method for catching all the fuzzy stuff in your dryer, lint can gradually build up and catch fire in the heating element or exhaust duct. Many people are under the impression that cleaning these vents isn’t all that important. Unfortunately for them, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s very important to keep up with dryer vent cleaning, as the accumulated lint is a fire hazard that endangers your house and everyone in it.

Make Necessary Repairs As They Are Discovered…

A chimney technician’s job is far more labor intensive that one might think. Chimney systems are comprised of many parts that depend upon one another to function at peak levels. A problem with one part of the system can cause another part of the system to have to work harder to pick up the slack, thereby causing that overworked component to wear out at a much quicker rate. This can become a vicious cycle rather quickly if the initial problem isn’t addressed in a timely manner. The moral of the story: repair minor problems as soon as possible so as to prevent them from becoming major problems down the road. Some parts are in the line of fire more than others and are adversely affected by the heat, while other parts are exposed to the elements, thereby causing them to wear out faster. Either way, these parts will need to be replaced at one point or another.

Once you’ve had your fill of all that Placer County has to offer, and it’s time to return home, you want to ensure that you’re returning to a home that’s safe. Your chimney and dryer vent systems need regular maintenance to continue operating at peak levels. If you live in beautiful Placer County, let A to Z Chimney Services take care of all of your chimney and dryer vent needs. We look forward to serving you for years to come.