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Get a jump on Spring Cleaning and schedule your Chimney Sweep today!

Spring Chimney Work - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

Spring Chimney Maintenance Scheduling

As days grew shorter and the weather got colder, many of us retreated indoors to the warmth of our homes and hearths. If you experienced any chimney system issues during the peak usage season that give you pause, call in a chimney professional to diagnose the problem before it gets big, expensive, and potentially dangerous. For those homeowners who made used their fireplace(s) during the colder months, spring is a great time to schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping to make sure your entire chimney system is in good working order.

Your chimney system is comprised of numerous parts, all of which are inspected by a chimney professional during your yearly chimney inspection and sweeping. To prevent major chimney system repairs, it is of paramount importance to make minor repairs as soon as problems arise. Some parts are in the line of fire more than others and are adversely affected by the heat, while other parts are exposed to the elements, thereby causing them to wear out faster. Either way, these parts need to be replaced at one point or another.

It’s Time to Spring Forward

What exactly do people stand to gain from postponing something as straightforward and necessary as chimney system maintenance anyway? We may have all gone a little stir crazy being stuck inside during the cooler months of the year and are just aching to get out and have a little fun outside. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the onset of spring and the improving weather conditions. The freedom of doing what we want to do when we want to do it is phenomenal. However, we must also evaluate the long-term ramifications of our decisions as well.

A huge plus to having chimney maintenance carried out sooner rather than later is the ability to choose the day and time that fits best into our schedules. The longer you put it off, however, the more limited your choices become; before long, you’re left with a take-it-or-leave-it appointment time (or at least that’s how it feels to some customers who are yearning to use their fireplace at night but can’t). For many, the thought of not having any control over something as simple as an appointment time can be stressful. Our lives are stressful enough—why add more to it?

A chimney technician’s job is far more labor intensive than many people realize, as chimney systems are comprised of many parts that depend upon one another to function at peak levels. A problem with one part of the system can cause another part of the system to have to work harder to pick up the slack, thereby causing that overworked component to wear out at a faster rate. This can become a vicious cycle rather quickly if the initial problem isn’t addressed in a timely manner. The central theme here is clear: repairing minor problems in a timely manner will decrease the likelihood of them becoming major problems down the road. We encourage you to avoid postponing your chimney system maintenance. Be proactive!

An annual inspection of your chimney by a qualified chimney professional should include a thorough examination of the external structure to look for signs of deterioration or weakness, as well as a visual inspection of the flue inside your chimney to ensure that it’s in proper working order, too. The chimney professionals at A to Z Chimney Services are fully prepared to meet all of your chimney inspection and sweeping needs. Give us a call today!

Cupids in Black Chimney & Fireplace Services

Valentine’s Day Chimney & Fireplace Service

The month of February is the time where we traditionally celebrate our love for our wives, husbands, and significant others.

Valentine's Day Chimney & Fireplace Work - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

Traditions of fat, little winged, white-clad cupids flying around with arrows of love often come to mind when we give our very best Valentine saying, “Be Mine.” But have you ever heard of the cupids in black?

No?! Well let me tell you, they are AMAZINGLY crafty at giving romance a spark and setting hearts ablaze!
These cupids in black are often found high up in the air on the rooftops and chimneys, but they don’t have a bow and arrow in their hands! They come armed with chimney brushes and rods, and are in charge of helping you to enjoy your fires worry free so you can concentrate on more enjoyable things. No more nagging worries about the safety of your fireplace!

As a professional chimney sweep, I’ve had the pleasure of helping my fair share of families get back to basics with the ability to snuggle up to the glow of a nice warm fireplace on a cold winters’ night.

I’ve seen the joy in the eyes of many customers who have been able to use their gas fireplace for the first time in years after successfully repairing it for them.
I’ve seen kids rushed off to bed, shoes kicked off, and feet perched up on the coffee table in anticipation of the quiet, relaxing time to be spent in front of the fire with a significant other…
Yes, a cupid in black such as myself derives great pleasure and satisfaction from helping others set the mood for all kinds of wonderful time together, and all it takes is a little sweep’s touch.

If your chimney or gas fireplace needs the help of a cupid in black this February, please don’t hesitate to call A to Z for your next chimney sweeping!

Serving Sacramento with a Smile

Only the Best for the People of Sacramento

There’s truly something magnificent about this place; where even the ordinary is extraordinary in so many ways—a place where there’s literally everything. This city started from very humble beginnings. It started modestly and just made use of the vast agricultural land that was surrounded by valleys and rivers.

Sacramento CA at Night - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services

It was through the efforts of three individuals, a duo of father and son, John Sutter, Sr. and John Sutter Jr., together with a good friend, James W. Marshall, that this particular city started to prosper. Over the years, it was very consistent with the success envisioned by these aspiring Swiss individuals at it was dubbed by several famous magazines and critics to be “America’s Most Diverse City.”

This is the capital city of the state of California and the 35th largest city in the United States.  This metropolitan city built the first ever Transcontinental Railroad. Yes, good old Sacramento; the place where people would want to be in. It has the largest university in all of California called Sacramento State and in the heart of Sacramento lays an internationally known hospital, UC Davis Medical Center.

In this city, you will see both old and new infrastructures that date way back to the 1800s. The capitol building for example, still stands its ground, proud after decades. The modern era began rapidly and until now they are still at the height of their success. There are over five hundred thousand people living in Sacramento, a true sign that truly something great has transpired over the years.

This particular area, like most areas in the Unites States, goes through the usual routine of freezing temperatures as the winter season begins. Most of the homes in Sacramento have fully-functioning fireplaces and chimneys to help them survive the holidays. This needs to be maintained and cleaned every year to prevent any unwanted disasters from happening. People responsible for taking care of your chimney should be quick to respond.

A company that surely stands out when it comes to chimney sweeping is A to Z Window Screens, Chimney Sweep, and Dryer Vent Cleaning. Our love and dedication for serving the people of Sacramento is the reason we never fail to offer excellent service.  We can help get you through the cold winter months and also the hot Sacramento days too.  We have trucks roaming around the city daily and are on stand-by to make sure they get there on time with the equipment needed.  We’re happy to serve the people of Sacramento because everyone deserves to safely enjoy a cozy fire.