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Chimney Service Testimonials

Recommended to Everyone

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HansenTestimonialWe would definitely recommend your fireplace/dryer duct cleaning, sun screens and retractable screen doors to everyone. You’ve done a great job for us — on both of the homes we’ve owned. Thanks!
~ The Hansens, Fair Oaks, CA

Knowledgeable & Experienced

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ZukowskiTestimonialDear A to Z,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you guys did installing my new Pellet Stove! After much careful research, I recently purchased my new stove from a dealer on the Internet. Eager to have it installed, I contacted your company and decided to have you install it…and just like choosing a good stove was important to me, choosing the right installer was also very important. My research proved to be worth the effort! What a hassle-free experience working with your company!!

You answered your phones with a real live person and set up a free estimate – no message machines.

You called the day before to confirm the estimate appointment.

You showed up for the estimate on time, as promised.

You promptly emailed me the estimate as promised, and then followed up with a phone call making sure I received it and understood everything.

Once I hired you for the installation, you guys were back within the time frame you promised, and on time for the installation appointment to boot!

The installation went beautifully and it took EXACTLY as long as you estimated! Everything was installed exactly like I wanted, all messes were cleaned up nicely, and my home was left exactly as it was found…as if no one had been there. NICE!

The installation cost exactly what you said it would on the estimate. No hidden charges, and no surprises. You even took some money off on an item I didn’t end up needing!

I have dealt with other contractors who wouldn’t listen to my suggestions or concerns, but your guys were very courteous to listen and responsive to my requests. I really appreciate having been able to be an observer from start to finish.

For anyone else who might be considering hiring you…I have to tell you, A to Z has got great customer service, & knowledgeable and experienced field techs! I just wish other contractors I have dealt with in the past were as proficient and efficient as you! I will be sure to spread the word about your great service! Thanks A to Z!

~ George Zukowski, Sacramento, CA

Honest, Competent & Professional

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-ScottTestimonialDear A to Z,

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and for a thorough inspection of my chimney. One of the biggest concerns I have when hiring service professionals is being taken advantage when not having first-hand knowledge of the various procedures. Last year when I had my chimney swept by one of your competitors, they claimed that I had a chimney fire, and that my flue was now cracked and needed extensive repairs.

This year, I hired A to Z to come out and sweep and inspect the flue because I heard they inspect the chimneys with a ChimScan camera at no additional charge. The technician who came to my home, assured me I would be able to see any cracks or hazardous conditions along with him as he video scanned my flue. To my utter delight, NO EVIDENCE OF A CHIMNEY FIRE OR DAMAGE IN MY FLUE WAS DETECTED!!! Chris was extremely detailed in his inspection and really took his time educating me so I could feel comfortable. It was obvious that he knew what he was talking about and truly interested in doing the right thing…a far cry from last year’s experience with the other company. If anyone asks for an HONEST, COMPETENT, AND PROFESSIONAL chimney sweep company, I’ll be sure to recommend A to Z!
~ Ms. Randi Scott, Lincoln, CA

Thank You

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-CareyTestimonialDear A to Z,

Thank you for mailing us the free Home Show Tickets!! We really enjoyed the show!

Ironically it was at the show last year that we became acquainted with your competitor involved with the pellet stove cleaning misdiagnosis (the unnecessary need of installing of a ” T” clean out). After utilizing your service and submitting your findings to your competitor they reluctantly consented to refund the service/inspection fee they had charged in addition to the fee of cleaning our dryer vent which was performed during the same service call.

You can be assured that in the future we will continue to support your company for our pellet stove and dryer vent cleaning needs.
~ Ron & Carol Carey, Orangevale, CA

Spectacular Job

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-BlandTestimonialDear A to Z Chimney

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great service you have done for me. I am an avid wood burner and love to burn my fires just about every evening. There’s nothing like the simple pleasure of curling up next to a warm and cozy fire during those cold winter nights.

Unfortunately, I had a chimney fire which did extensive damage to my chimney and it had to be relined with a new Stainless Steel Liner.

Last year, I hired a different company to come out and sweep my chimney. The sweep from that company tried to use high pressure sales tactics to get me to do the repairs. His poor attitude and high pressure turned me off so badly that I decided not to have them do the work.

This year, I hired your company and Chris Donovan was such a gentleman! He gave me the same bad news, but this time I could see it with my own eyes on the screen as he video scanned my flue. He was also much more knowledgeable and informative and really took the time to help me understand. He did not talk condescendingly, and there was no pressure whatsoever.

Consequently, I did hire your company to come back and complete the needed repairs, and was absolutely delighted!! Not only did Chris come back, but Aaron, the owner came, as well. I was delighted to know that the owner was personally seeing to the work. In the process of repairing my chimney, some other minor problems were detected, and they fixed them at no additional charge!

In addition, when everything was done, they did a spectacular job cleaning up every bit of their mess, and I couldn’t even tell they had been here.

Thanks again for the great service you provide! I will use you again and again, and refer you to my friends.

~ Beverly Bland, Carmichael, CA

Expert Advice

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-StuckinTestimonialDear A to Z,

I just wanted to thank you for your expert advice at my last chimney cleaning. We were looking to purchase and install a new wood stove in order to keep our home warmer during the winter, and although it wasn’t directly related to having our chimney swept, your technician took a lot of time to go over several features and designs that were good, and told me several things to watch out for when purchasing a new wood stove.

Needless to say, I could tell this guy knew what he was talking about! It was nice getting an impartial opinion from someone who works with wood stoves all day long!

Suffice it to say that when our new wood stove is installed, we’ll continue to have A to Z out to clean it! You guys are awesome!
~ Allan Stuckin, Fair Oaks, CA

Left My Home Very Clean

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-SullivanTestimonialThis was my first experience having my chimney cleaned and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect! I was very impressed with how careful the technician was to ensure that nothing got on our carpet or couches using tarps and a special vacuum to filter the air and ensure no soot got into the home.

It was a good feeling when your technician started setting up and took the time to assure me he would leave my home as clean as he found it.

A to Z is definitely pro! Thanks for a professionally clean chimney, and a totally clean house!
~ Tim Sullivan, Antelope, CA

Stress Free

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-MooneyTestimonialVery Friendly and personable. We were selling our home and he just took care of the fireplace issues so we had less stress. Also did a great job on the dryer vent as well. Thanks!!
~ Kathy Mooney, Roseville CA

Best Value

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-JohanssonTestimonialYour employee was on time and very careful about cleanliness! I appreciated the fact that he took the time to not only put tarps down in front of my fireplace, but also everywhere he walked as he came in and out of my home… I have had my chimney cleaned by several companies over the years, and I don’t think I remember anybody being as careful to keep it clean as A to Z!

Also, another difference I noticed was the fact that your guy was here about ½ hour longer than any other chimney guys I’ve had in the past. Not only did it seem he was more meticulous and concerned about doing a thorough job, but he also put a Chim Scan Camera up into my chimney after cleaning to make sure there were no dangerous cracks or gaps.

You guys weren’t the cheapest in town, but I feel I DEFINTELY got a better value with your company than any others I’ve used in the past. You took more time, did a better job, and thoroughly answered all of my questions in terms that I could understand.

Great job from start to finish! Now that I’ve found you, I’ll use A to Z exclusively from now on!
~ Greg and Marsha Johannson, Granite Bay, CA


AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-SunnysideTestimonialChimneyDear A to Z,

We wanted to thank you and tell you that we were impressed by your employees and the work you did at Sunnyside Steakhouse & Lodge (Tahoe City, CA).To reline our 50+ year old chimney, rebuild the firebox, install a fan on the top of our huge chimney, and refurbish our ornamental chimney cap was a big job.AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-SunnysideTestimonialFireplaceYou and your crew did it professionally, timely, and you were very clean. What we are excited about most is that we (and our guests!!) are enjoying a fire on a night when it would have been virtually impossible to do so because of the wind direction! No more chimney smoke spilling into our lodge! What you’ve done for us is fantastic. Thanks for taking this job even though it was out of your area. Warm Regards,
~ Jeff Oxandaboure, General Manager & Janet Gregor, Lodge Manager

Professional Work

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-NagrabskiTestimonialEverything from your company has been done in a professional manner! The person who came out to sweep my chimneys answered all my questions with pictures and a book full of before and after pictures of the most commonly needed repairs, and I was very impressed. Later on, you came back out to install chimney caps on both fireplaces. I was very please with all your work. And yes, when I need another chimney cleaning, I’ll definitely use A to Z again. You are professional and I give you very high marks!
~ Steve and Paula Nagrabske, Folsom, CA

Wonderful Job

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-KegleyTestimonialThanks for the good work, A to Z! The guy who came to my home was a great guy, and he did a wonderful job. Everything clean and orderly when you left. I think you are simply nice people to work with.
~ Peter Kegley, Roseville, CA

Seemless & Easy

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HaneganTestimonialA to Z did a great job sweeping our chimney! After they cleaned the flue, they put a small camera up the chimney to make sure it was sound. He had me look at the computer screen to show me what he was looking at and he was able to show me that our chimney was in great shape (after the cleaning, of course).

The whole process was seamless and easy for me and the technician was very professional throughout.
~ Lori Hanegan, Rocklin, CA

Very Thorough

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-HarveyTestimonialMy experience with A to Z sweeping my two chimneys went very well. After sweeping each chimney, the technician put a camera up into the flue as part of their safety inspection, and he let me see the video monitor. He explained what he found and what needed to be done. Very thorough work, very neat and clean. My home was left pristine when everything was said and done.
~ Anne Harvey, Carmichael, CA

Great Experience

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-PetersonTestimonialSeveral years ago I had one of the biggest chimney sweep companies in town come out to clean my chimney and it was a DISASTER! By the time they finished, my carpets and furniture were covered in dirty, grimy soot, and it was a nightmare to have cleaned!

Because of my past experience with that other company, I was understandably cautious about having another chimney sweep into my home, but I decided to give A to Z since they came highly referred. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A to Z was on time and very careful to cover my white carpets with fresh, clean tarps not only in front of my fireplace, but everywhere they walked, too!

I could tell they cared deeply about taking care of my home and making sure my experience was a good one! If you are wondering if there’s any difference between the quality of service with A to Z versus the competition, believe me, there really is!
~ Paul Peterson, Fair Oaks, CA

Awesome Service

AtoZChimneySweep-SacramentoCA-DennisTestimonialThanks for the awesome Service! We had one of your larger competitors come out to fix a water leak in our chimney, only to have it start leaking again a short time later! We called them back out to fix the problem (obviously not fixed right the first time), and they wanted to charge us for another service call! Then we called A to Z, and our problem was quickly and easily diagnosed! Apparently, the other company had tried the band-aid approach with caulk and roofing tar! Your technician knew what he was doing and the problem was fixed PERMANTELY in short order! You guys are A-1 top notch! If you ever need a reference, let me know!
~ Jerry Dennis


Here are some customer testimonials about our professional dryer vent cleaning service…check us out, then give us a call.

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The owner was traing another employee while at my house cleaning the dryer vent and I was very impressed with his mannerism and professionalism. GREAT JOB!
~ Jim Tennerson, Gold River, CA
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