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How do you know what’s going on inside your chimney? During a routine chimney inspection, a chimney sweep usually just shine a flashlight up and down from your chimney. However, the limited view can’t reveal any obstructions or deficiencies in the interior that are potential hazards. The only way to really know the condition of your chimney’s interior is to hire an expert to perform a ChimScan video inspection.

What is ChimScan?

chimney inspection cameras are designed specifically to look for blockages, excessive creosote, cracks or other dangerous flaws in your chimney flue. These closed-circuit cameras thoroughly examine the inside of a chimney flue after the chimney is cleaned. As the cameras travel up the chimney, your chimney technician get a real-time view of the interior. ChimScan chimney inspection cameras can get into all the nooks and crannies that otherwise would be impossible to see.

When are ChimScan inspections performed?

According to Chimney Safety Institute of America, ChimScan video inspections are performed in Level 2 and Level 3 chimney inspections. Level 2 inspections are required when you purchase a new home. It’s also required when changes are made to your fireplace and chimney system. Or if there has been a malfunction in the system or suspected damages. Level 3 chimney inspections are required when a Level 2 inspection reveals that there are likely dangers lurking within the chimney’s interior. It’s also required if  your chimney has been improperly constructed. However, some chimney sweeps believe that ChimScan inspections are a valuable tool for every chimney inspection.

When does A to Z Chimney use ChimScan?

At A to Z Chimney Services, we believe ChimScan video inspections are a crucial tool for our customers. That’s why we perform a ChimScan video inspection with every chimney inspection! With the ChimScan cameras, our technicians have the ability to show our customers that their chimneys are fully clean and free from potential dangers. If there are problems found during the chimney inspection, our ChimScan chimney cameras provide a clear view of the issue. Once your repairs are completed, our ChimScan chimney camera can show the difference, and we can ensure that your chimney is once again safe for use.

If you’re overdue for your annual chimney inspection, call A to Z Chimney Services to schedule an appointment today. We use the ChimScan chimney camera on every cleaning and inspection, you can rest assured that your chimney is safe and ready to use!