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What could be scarier than a goblin?

What could be scarier than a goblin?

October is the month that we celebrate the hallowed holiday of Halloween. It’s the time of year that little Ghosts, Goblins, and superheroes litter the streets with candy wrappers claimed from local residents. But what could possibly be scarier than a little haunted hellion roaming the streets after dark?

A monster in your chimney, that’s what!

You’ve never heard of a chimney monster? Well let me describe it to you……

It’s a cold outside and you’ve been looking forward to curling up to a nice warm fire all day. Your fire is happily roaring away as you just settle in for a good book when all of a sudden a chimney fire starts and you hear the chimney monster ROAR! The roar of a chimney fire comes from massive amounts of air whooshing into your fireplace as it’s sucked up the flue to feed the roaring chimney fire. It’s been described as the sound of a freight train passing through the living room or a jetliner hovering directly over the house.

With flames shooting out of the top of your chimney spewing flaming creosote all over your roof and surrounding trees and shrubs, experiencing the roar of a chimney monster can be a scary and potentially dangerous situation…. but you can avoid getting spooked by a chimney monster this October… do the right thing and get it swept!

Don’t get the pants scared off of you this Halloween season! Make sure your chimney is safe and ready to burn fires in this winter by having it professionally swept and inspected by one of AtoZ’s certified chimney technicians. After all…. an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to chimney cleaning and maintenance! It’s less expensive than most people think and the peace of mind is worth every penny.

Call 916-408-2496 in order to schedule your next chimney sweeping appointment before the fall rush sets in!