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Has your recent chimney inspection revealed that your chimney liner is failing? Are cracked or crumbling flue tiles indicating that you’re in need of a new chimney liner? If so, you should consider relining your chimney with a stainless steel chimney liner.

 Stainless Steel Chimney Liner - Sacramento CA - A to Z Chimney Services
Why do you need a new chimney liner?

A chimney liner protects your chimney’s masonry and your home. The chimney liner stops heat exchange between your flue and your home’s structure. Without a functioning chimney liner, your home is at risk of a fire. Chimney liners also help protect your chimney from the damaging effects of smoke. Smoke and other particles released by your fireplace are acidic. If they’re allowed to penetrate your chimney’s masonry, those acidic byproducts can cause corrosion. The chimney liner helps to protect from that.

While chimney liners do last a very long time — 50 years or more — they do wear down over time, no matter how well you take care of them. The most common chimney liners are clay tile. Do to moisture and the extreme temperatures your chimney faces, those tiles crack and crumble, or “spall,” over the years. Even metal chimneys can crack or corrode. Eventually, your chimney liner will need to be replaced to keep your home and family safe from the dangers of a fire.

Why should you consider a stainless steel liner?

Chimney industry experts overwhelmingly favor stainless steel chimney liners for a host of reasons. First and foremost, if you’re replacing the liner in an existing chimney, stainless steel liners are easy to insert. By contrast, if you try to replace a tile liner with tiles, walls and portions of the chimney will have to be removed. While tiles themselves are cheaper, there is a huge labor cost involved in replacing a tile chimney liner with new tiles.

Stainless steel liners also add a degree of efficiency and safety. Smoke works its way up your chimney in a spiraling motion. As stainless steel liners are cylindrical, they allow smoke to spiral quickly up and out of the chimney. Additional insulation also can be added around the outside of a stainless steel liner, allowing for even less heat exchange between your chimney and your home’s structure. Finally, because they are smooth and round, stainless steel chimney liners are easier to clean. A sweep’s brushes can easily work around the smooth sides of the liner, allowing for the easy removal of creosote.

What do you need to know when selecting a stainless steel liner?

There are some considerations when relining your chimney with stainless steel. You’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the right material and weight for your chimney, as different types of fireplaces and stoves have different specifications. You’ll also need to have a liner that is properly sized for your fireplace or stove, or you’ll face drafting problems in the future.

If you’re considering a stainless steel chimney liner and live around Sacramento, CA, call A to Z Chimney Services! Our experts will help you determine the right stainless steel liner for your chimney, and we’ll get it installed quickly!